Rackable Hypacages

Palletowers rackable hypacages are the perfect storage solution when you need to keep large quantities of loose, awkward-shaped items safe and accessible. Their rackable and stackable capabilities makes them especially useful when floor space is at a premium. Available in a range of sizes, they are strong, durable, rust-resistant, and very versatile making them ideal for a range of different industries.

Which sizes and types are available?

Our hypacages are available in a range of sizes and three types:

Standard hypacages

Jumbo hypacages

Heavy-duty hypacages

Rackable hypacages

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Fully stackable

All our hypacages can be stacked up to four units high, making them the ideal solution when you have a high factory or warehouse and need to minimise the amount of floor space being occupied. They also remove the need for expensive racking if not available for storage. The fully stackable hypacages can simply stand on each other. However, they can also be used within racking systems or as standalone pallets.

Collapsible, ideal for return logistics

Each Palletower hypacage is fully collapsible. When not in use, they fold flat in a matter of seconds. The folded cages require minimal storage space. This is particularly valuable for return logistics. With a 4:1 ratio when collapsed, our hypacages save massive amounts of valuable vehicle space in transit, making them an excellent Returnable Transport Packaging (RTP) solution.

Where are our rackable hypacages used?

Widely used across a variety of warehouse, storage, manufacturing and logistics environments, they are suitable for both interior or exterior use.

Rackable hypacage features

  • Half drop gates
  • Collapsible sides
  • Robust steel construction
  • Zinc plated finish for a longer lifespan
  • Stackable design
  • Range of sizes and heights
  • High load capacities

Why choose Palletower?

We are the UK and Europe’s leading manufacturer and supplier of hypacages and a wide range of other storage and logistics solutions, including pallets, stillages, boxes and roll cages.

If your business is in the warehousing, retail, shipping, logistics or manufacturing industries, Palletower hypacages could be your ideal answer. Each type is available for sale, lease or rent in large quantities, with immediate delivery. We have extensive stocks across our entire range, all available for immediate despatch throughout the UK or globally. We produce bespoke solutions too. Contact us at any time to discuss your requirements.