Stack'n Nest Plastic Containers

Palletower’s new range of stack and nest plastic containers tick all the versatility and space efficiency boxes with their smart 180-degree design. This type of container is often known as grocery crates or baskets, and they are widely used in retail, especially in supermarkets and grocery stores as well as garden centres and other horticultural environments. Yet their versatility for all kinds of storage makes them extremely popular many different types of products and industries, including picking centres, pharmaceutical and electrical businesses, schools and offices.

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Space saving whether loaded or empty

When loaded during distribution or storage they stack neatly, promoting optimum use of space in premises and vehicles. When not in use, they are even more space efficient. Simply rotate the stack and nest crates by 180 degrees and they nestle conveniently inside each other. This ability to fit a lot of pallets into a small space is ideal for lowering return transport costs.

Made to survive

Palletower stack and nest containers and crates are manufactured from moulded polyethylene, high density polyethylene and recycled plastics. The materials are selected for their ability to continue working hard and looking smart despite constant daily wear and tear over extended periods.

Choose your perfect design

The extensive range features models with both solid and vented sides and bases. They are available in a variety of colours and sizes, with capacities ranging from 30 to 60 litres. There’s a option suitable for every task.

Vented or solid?

Vented sides allow air to circulate freely around contents, making them perfect for perishable goods such as fruit, vegetables other food products. Solid sided plastic containers come into their own when dealing with smaller items and loose products, and when watertight storage is required.