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Ticking all the boxes

Save space and cost with our UK-manufactured plastic boxes and collars. Available in various designs, these sturdy plastic boxes and collars are constructed from light, easy-to-clean plastic, help reduce emissions and offer plenty of room for your goods. The collapsible versions are great for return logistics, as they save space during transit. 

The largest stocks at the lowest prices

We have thousands of plastic boxes available, ready to be ordered and delivered within 24 hours. Better still, you can choose from small and large rentals, as well as sales or lease purchases.

  • Good isn't good enough

    That's why we manufacture in the UK to ensure our stock is made to the highest standards at the best prices. Our products are also made from recycled materials and are 100% recyclable.

  • Immediate despatch

    Need your plastic box pallets and collars now? No problem. We've got thousands of items in stock, on the ground and ready for instant distribution.

  • Superb value

    Buy best-in-class plastic boxes at the lowest prices at Palletower. It’s why we’re the global leader in box pallets and collar manufacturing.

Best-in-class UK

Save money with our long-lasting plastic boxes. Built in our advanced UK facilities, they’re manufactured with an advanced design meaning they’re 3kg lighter than any other box on the market. This reduces how much plastic is used when manufacturing, while still driving durability in demanding environments. From bespoke company-branded products to off-the-shelf items, get superior plastic products at the best prices on the UK market at Palletower. 

Sustainable manufacturing

Palletower is committed to world class manufacturing. That’s why we manufacture our plastic boxes in the UK to help reduce emissions. Our goal is to reduce the carbon footprint of all plastic boxes and ensure they’re fully recyclable.

  • Reduce Co2 emissions and cost

    Lower the cost you pay for plastic box storage at Palletower. We manufacture all plastic boxes in the UK to cut their carbon footprint and costs for our customers.

  • Fully recyclable

    Once our UK-manufactured plastic boxes reach the end of their long lifecycle, we’ll recycle them for you so we can make new products and reduce waste.

  • Reusable

    HDPE is lightweight, easy to clean and highly durable. This means our plastic pallets and collars can be reused for many years.

Pay your way

Pay the way you want with Palletower. We offer short and long-term rental, including leasing options and outright purchasing.

  • Buy

    After box pallets and collars for long-term use? It’s easy to purchase items outright at the best prices with Palletower.

  • Rent

    We offer short and long-term contracts. Perfect if you want to rent box pallets and collars for a specific job or a set period.

  • Lease Purchase

    Find short and long-term lease purchase options at Palletower, all with competitive prices.

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