Box and Cage Pallets

Palletower is Europe’s leading manufacturer and supplier of cage and metal box pallets and metal cage pallets. Collapsible, rigid, and with a choice of steel mesh or sheet steel sides.

The tough epoxy powder paint finish makes them distinctive and visible in any surroundings.

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Collapsible Box & Cage Pallets

Are you looking for an efficient, space-saving solution for storing and distributing your goods? Our collapsible cage pallets offer a secure and space efficient storage option for products both in transit and at warehouses. Suitable for use within a multitude of industries including but not exclusive to engineering, construction, automotive, warehousing, logistics, agriculture and recycling.  

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Collapsible Box & Cage Pallets

Rigid Box & Steel Cage Pallets

Browse Palletower’s extensive range of new and used rigid steel pallet boxes. Strong and robust, they’re a storage solution that’s perfect for securing heavy, bulky, awkwardly-shaped, and otherwise unstable products. Rigid cage pallets and metal stillages with solid sides are suitable for a variety of environments, such as engineering and automotive industries, or anywhere else strength and added protection of contents is required. Also, they are fully stackable and will help you maximise your use of floor space.

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Rigid Box & Steel Cage Pallets

More Information

Industry usage

Our box and cage pallets are used internationally across several industries:

  • Engineering

  • Automotive

  • Warehousing

  • Logistics

What is a box pallet?

Our box pallets are solid-sided metal containers, measuring 915 x 650 x 650 mm. Engineered with cup feet, they are easy to move by forklift or pallet truck, and stack up to four high — perfect if you have limited floor space. There’s also the option of a half drop gate on our box pallets for easy access to the contents when stacked.

What is a cage pallet?

We manufacture pallet cages with heavy-duty steel mesh sides, a half-drop gate or a fully removeable drop down half gate, and a solid steel base.

Options include gitterbox and stillage-style cage pallets. With a raised base and four feet designed for stability, cage pallets are easy to move by forklift or truck. They also stack up to six high. Our metal cage pallets fold away when not in use, taking up minimal space, allowing for an organised warehouse.

Why use box and cage pallets?

Palletower’s box and metal cage pallets are ideal for holding heavy and bulky items, including finished products, components, offcuts and waste materials. They’re also superb for protecting easily damaged goods during storage and transportation.

Box and cage pallets range

Collapsible cage pallet gitterbox

The Palletower four-sided heavy-duty collapsible cage pallet is also known as a gitterbox. It has both a removable half-drop gate and a fully removable entrance on opposite side. Each side features robust 50mm steel mesh infill, and there’s a solid sheet steel base. Each pallet has a blue epoxy powder paint finish.

Collapsible cage pallet stillage

Our four-sided collapsible cage pallets have a removable half-drop gate on one side, a full removable gate on the other, and a blue epoxy powder paint finish. Each side features a 75mm mesh infill, and the base is solid sheet steel.

Rigid cage pallet with half gate

These are heavy-duty cage pallets comprising a half-drop down gate, providing easy access to its contents, even when stacked. The pallet features a 50 x 50mm mesh infill to all four sides, keeping the contents protected while visible. A blue epoxy powder paint finish protects the pallet from corrosion, and there’s a solid sheet steel base. Cupped feet allow stacking up to four high.

Rigit sheet steel box pallet

This product is a heavy-duty box pallet with solid sheet steel sides and a distinctive blue epoxy powder paint finish. The pallet is ideal for storing a range of goods, including industrial equipment, waste materials, offcuts and finished products. The four cupped feet make for easy and safe stacking up to four pallets high.

Rigid sheet steel box pallet with half gate

These are sturdy box pallets with three solid sides, a drop-down half gate, and a blue epoxy powder paint finish. The drop-down gate allows for easy access to stored items when stacked. Applications include storing industrial equipment, waste materials, offcuts and storing finished products. The cupped feet allow for easy and safe stacking up to four high.

Rigid gitterbox stillage

These are four-sided cage pallets with half-drop gate to one long side, allowing for easy access to the contents when stacked. Each side features a robust 50 x 50mm mesh infill, and there’s a corrugated steel base for added strength. The stillages have a distinctive grey epoxy powder paint finish to protect from corrosion.

Rent or buy

As well as offering manufactured cages and pallet boxes for sale, we give businesses the option of renting or leasing in periods of high demand. With vast numbers always in stock, availability is never a problem.

New or used

We also have large, available stocks of used box and cage pallets, refurbished to the highest standards — ideal when budgets are tight!

The benefits of using Palletower

These versatile steel containers are popular wherever strength, resilience and endurance are required. Each can withstand tough outdoor conditions, rough handling during transit, and wear and tear.

The mesh infill sides allow for easy product identification, and half gates allow for easy access to contents when the pallets are stacked.

Palletower collapsible cage pallets fold flat and stack together when not in use. This saves space in storerooms and vehicles, reducing transport costs for return journeys. They’re also easy to manoeuvre with either a forklift or pallet truck.

All products are in stock, and available for immediate despatch. If you’re looking to buy pallet cages today, give us a call on 0161 905 2233.