Shopping trolleys

Save your business time and money

Store and move goods effortlessly with Palletower’s shopping trolleys. They boast rubber castors and heavy load capacities so you can push around the heaviest items with ease.

Products bespoke to your business needs

We understand every working environment is different. That’s why we offer the largest and most diverse stocks to cater for every business. If we don’t have what you need, we can manufacture bespoke products for your business.

The largest stocks at the best prices

As a global leader in storage and logistic equipment manufacturing, Palletower sells to more than 30 countries worldwide. We have hundreds of thousands of products for small and large rentals, sales or lease purchases.

  • Unmatched quality

    Good isn’t good enough. That’s why we manufacture warehouse shopping and stock trolleys from high-grade steel for quality competitors can’t match.

  • Ready for Immediate despatch

    Need your shopping, stock or warehouse trolleys now? No problem. We’ve got thousands of items in stock, on the ground and ready for instant distribution.

  • Superb value

    Buy best-in-class shopping trolleys at the lowest prices at Palletower. It’s why we’re the global leader in storage and logistics manufacturing.

Pay your way

Pay the way you want with Palletower. We offer short and long-term rental, including leasing options and outright purchasing.

  • Buy

    After shopping trolleys for long-term use? It’s easy to purchase items outright at the best prices with Palletower.

  • Rent

    We offer short and long-term contracts. Perfect if you want to rent shopping trolleys for a specific job or a set period.

  • Lease Purchase

    Find short and long-term lease purchase options at Palletower, all with competitive prices.

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