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Retail and Supply Chain

Retail storage is all about having the products customers want to buy readily available in perfect condition. That’s as true for online retail, physical stores, and supermarkets involved in the supply chain.

At Palletower, we specialise in storage and logistics solutions that enable the transportation of store products safely and quickly within the supply chain. This can play a significant role in providing responsive customer service that drives loyalty and encourages repeat purchasing by the end consumer.

How Palletower products solve major retail and supply chain industry challenges

Palletower’s range of retail and supply chain logistics products

The retail and supply chain Palletower range includes:

  • Nestable roll pallets: These products are traditionally used for moving goods safely out of storerooms and stocking shelves. But they’re now also invaluable for getting products where they need to be for ecommerce and online retail operations. They also offer great return logistics efficiency, as up to 165 empty pallets can fit onto a single articulated lorry for returning to warehouses after a delivery.

  • Collapsible plastic boxes: When not in use, our collapsible plastic boxes fold flat, saving spaceat a 3.5:1 efficecney. They have integrated skids making them simple to move and stack throughout the supply chain distribution. Half gates to the long dimension also make them easy to pick stock out of both individually and when stacked.

  • Hypacages: There are various sized hypacages to suit European sizes (1200x 800mm) and standard UK sizes (1200 x 1000mm). Being collapsible makes them a flexible solution for returns logistics or to increase storage in peak season. They stock four high when loaded at maximum capacity and can be easily moved with forklifts.

  • Post pallets and stillages: Stillages and post pallets are perfect for transporting goods from manufacturers, factories, and distribution centres to the end store without damaging. They make for easy loading and unloading. They are a great temporary storage solution to be built up to match peak demand, then be demounted when not in use.

Solve the retail and supply chains toughest challenges in partnership with Palletower

Distributing goods for any retail business demands flexibility and agility. Goods need to be moved quickly and efficiently from factories, manufacturers, warehouses and distribution centres to storerooms and shelves.

That’s why as global leaders we have developed the Palletower range of logistics equipment to offer a solution to the retail and supply chain toughest challenges:

  • Space is at a premium, so solutions that help you make the most of every cubic centimetre throughout the distribution in the supply chain are essential.

  • Efficient stock control is vital to ensure that items with a limited shelf life are at their best.

  • Products need to be accessible 24/7 to keep up with consumer demand.

  • Supply and demand fluctuate, so retailers need the flexibility to manage sudden surges of demand or stock build-up.

  • Items of different sizes and weights require a mix of retail storage and handling solutions.

Need a bespoke solution?

As well as a wide range of standard products, we are always ready to create bespoke solutions, working to customers’ precise requirements. We collaborate closely with some of the biggest names in retail, including major supermarkets, wholesalers, and cash and carry enterprises. If you need something specific, always talk to the Palletower team first, where we can offer the best bespoke solution to your logistical needs.

Why choose Palletower?

We are the leading manufacturer and supplier of product storage, logistics, and distribution equipment globally. We are also the largest and most diverse stockist, with more than 100 different product lines. You can always rely on availability and speedy delivery, with a quarter of a million items immediately available from stock.

  • Buy, lease, or rent.

  • Immediate availability and speedy delivery in quantities large or small.

  • Reliable, durable products engineered from high-quality plastics and metals, including heavy-duty galvanised steel.

  • Used and reconditioned products available across most ranges, with ready availability from stock and outstanding value.

Frequently asked questions

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What is the minimum order quantity?

Whilst we have no minimum order quantity on any of our Ex-work’s products, we do have hauliers that specialise in 1 or 2 units. Other hauliers specialise purely in wholesale quantities, which means we provide you with the quantity needed based on your product needs.

Which product is best suited for my industry?

We have a wide range of products to suit all industries. For more bespoke solutions or recommendations for what’s already being used in your industry, speak to our team or get in touch on our contact page.

What is your product returns policy?

If a product is in an unused/ new condition and in the same condition as when it is delivered, we can accept a return when notified within 7 working days. We can collect them, or they can be delivered to our warehouse.