Parcel Cages

Strong, reliable, and easily stowed away, parcel cages are ideal for transporting packages between distribution centres or managing arrivals and departures at either side. At Palletower, we know exactly what equipment suits each industries needs when it comes to effective storage and handling. Our parcel cages make use of the same hard-wearing materials and intelligent construction that you’ll find throughout our vast product range.

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What industries use parcel cages?

Wherever there’s a warehouse, distribution centre or sorting office, parcel cages are the obvious answer to your storage problems. They’re a simple and effective way to sort and stow packages while protecting them from damage, with sturdy construction and easy access offered by access from either side. If your business brings with it a steady flow of inbound and outbound packages, these cages could transform the way you organise and distribute, adding to the efficiency of your operations.

Problems our parcel cages solve

  • Damage to boxes and parcels – reinforced mesh sidewalls and base keeps stowed packages well protected from falls, scrapes and crushes.
  • Odd and inconsistently-sized products – with a rigid construction and a large load volume, parcel cages allow for the safe stacking of all manner of different items.
  • Difficulty accessing stowed packages – with both hinged stable doors and fully removable gates, it’s easy to reach individual items whenever needed.
  • Trouble finding space in your warehouse or mail room – our parcel cages for sorting offices are demountable, allowing you to collapse and store them out of the way when not in use. Five units can be stored in the footprint of one when demounted.

Why choose Palletower?

At Palletower, all of our storage supplies are manufactured to the very highest standards. We’ve worked with businesses across a variety of industry sectors, cementing our position as a trusted global provider of handling and distribution equipment. Whether it’s our parcel cages, plastic box pallets or roll pallets, we’re confident we’ll find something that works for you among the 250,000 items we stock.


Speak to our sales team to make your order

We can help businesses of all sizes to find a suitable solution. If you’d like to chat to the team about our parcel cages for sale or rental, including any bespoke options you have in mind, call 01619052233 or get in touch via our contact us page.