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Do you work in the automotive and travel industries? If so, you need handling equipment that delivers speed, safety, and agility in pressured areas, such as airports. At Palletower, we create handling equipment that enables you to transport and store automotive supplies. Our products help businesses provide responsive customer service, driving confidence, loyalty, and repeat purchasing.

How Palletower products solve major automotive industry challenges

Meet the industry's toughest challenges together with Palletower

To tackle the demands of the automotive and travel industries, your equipment needs to:

  • Maximise space in crowded areas, such as distribution centres or airports.

  • Solve specific problems, such as the need for airport retailers’ storage equipment.

  • Reduce the risk of product damage and injury.

  • Provide speed and mobility.

  • Offer excellent storage for large goods and materials.

  • Protect valuable possessions.

Handling and storage equipment for automotive and travel businesses

  • Nestability is essential when you need to maximise space in busy areas. Our cage trolleys feature foldable sides that tuck neatly away when unused. Manufactured with high-quality steel and an anti-rust zinc finish, these pallets can handle the rough and tumble of demanding environments. Elsewhere, hard-wearing nylon castors make it easy to move equipment across large areas.

  • Do you need to move heavy or fragile goods safely? Then browse our roll pallets and cages. They’re ideal for storing equipment in airports. All our roll pallets and cages are made from heavy-duty steel for long-lasting use and provide ample space for bulky or easily damaged items.

  • Our box and cage pallet range offers a choice of rigid and collapsible builds. The foldable option allows you to stow your pallet away conveniently, while a steel rigid cage pallet is suitable for securing heavy products. They’re finished with epoxy powder paint, making it easier to find the right equipment in crowded areas.

  • Our robust trolleys feature rubber castors for less noise when moving equipment. Constructed from sturdy steel, they’re perfect for protecting and moving goods around big spaces, such as airports. Every trolley is also nestable, so it doesn’t take up a lot of floor space.

  • Our hypacages are perfect when space is limited. They stack up to four units high, increasing storage potential and removing the need for additional pallet racking. They’re also handy for storing and retaining awkward items, such as luggage.

Why partner with Palletower?

We are Europe’s leading manufacturer and supplier of product storage, materials handling, and distribution equipment. Choose us, and you can always count on speedy delivery from stock. We have more than a quarter of a million products available at your fingertips.

Need more reasons to team up with Palletower?

  • You have the option to buy, lease or rent.

  • Our items feature heavy-duty galvanised steel and premium plastics.

  • Economies of scale keep our prices affordable.

Frequently asked questions

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What is the minimum order quantity?

Whilst we have no minimum order quantity on any of our Ex-work’s products, we do have hauliers that specialise in 1 or 2 units. Other hauliers specialise purely in wholesale quantities, which means we provide you with the quantity needed based on your product needs.

Which product is best suited for my industry?

We have a wide range of products to suit all industries. For more bespoke solutions or recommendations for what’s already being used in your industry, speak to our team or get in touch on our contact page.

What is the usual turnaround time for delivery?

Palletower have a range of delivery options. To drastically improve lead time for urgent orders we offer an over-night delivery service. We aim to despatch our large, stocked products within 5-7 working days. Large bespoke orders can be tailored from manufacture to delivery, with lead times being variable to suit your needs.