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Stillages & Post Pallets

What are stillages?

A stillage is a large, heavy-duty steel pallet. At Palletower we offer several different types and sizes, including cages, solid-sided pallets and post pallets. The main functions of stillages are to raise stored products off the ground, separate goods in transit, and enable bulky items to be moved, stacked and transported.

What’s the difference between stillages and post pallets?

Stillage is a generic term for different types of heavy-duty steel pallet. A post pallet is a specific type of stillage with a base and posts, but no sides.

Post pallets are ideal for warehousing environments, and especially useful for storing items that are already packaged, palletised or boxed. They usually have cupped feet for easy, stable stacking. Demountable posts are highly space-efficient when not in use.

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What can stillages be used for?

Stillages are mainly used for the secure and stable storage of heavy-duty items and/or palletised goods. By stacking them on top of each other with the cupped feet, you can occupy air space to free up floor space. Stillages and post pallet are often used as a semi-permanent storage solution across the following industries:

  • Engineering
  • Automotive
  • Warehousing
  • Logistics

Types of stillages and post pallets

From Palletower, stillages are available with two different finishes: galvanised or painted with a blue epoxy coating.

They are available with solid sides, cage or mesh sides or as post pallets with no sides.

Bases sizes range from 1015x1115mm to 2030 x 1060mm.

Galvanised post pallets have four different post length options:

  • 1000mm
  • 1220mm
  • 1500mm
  • 1800mm

Post pallets in the blue epoxy paint finish are only available with one post length, 1500mm.

Galvanised stillages are more durable and weather-resistant compared to the epoxy powder paint finished versions. A better option for outdoor storage and hostile conditions.

The benefits of stillages

With their large weight capacity, stillages of all types are ideal for holding large machinery or storing machine and engine parts, along with other bulky items or even full pallets of products. The dimensions of our larger stillages are such that a full pallet (European or UK size) can fit on them.

The drop-fronted options enable product to be moved with ease without having to unstack the stillages, saving time and making storage facilities more efficient.

Demountable post pallet stillages are remarkably space-efficient when not in use. Remove the posts, and the base units can be simply stacked with the posts resting on top of the bases.

Some cage-sided and solid-sided stillages have drop fronts for easy access to the contents when stacked.

For return logistics, demounted post pallets occupy minimal vehicle space, helping to reduce transportation costs.

The Palletower range: stillages for sale or rent, new, used or bespoke

New: Our range of new stillages and post pallets come in small, medium, standard and large sizes, with powder-coated or galvanised finishes.

Used: A range of used and reconditioned stillages are available for immediate delivery in large quantities. Our stringent quality checks ensure that every used product meets the highest Palletower standards.

Rent: Hire our stillages when your business needs them most. We have vast stocks, providing the perfect solution for seasonal demand or sudden busy periods.

This allows our customer to:

  • Reduce capital expenditure
  • Rapidly increase or decrease inventory depending on business changes
  • Improve asset utilisation throughout the business
  • Reduce storage costs for unused roll pallets , cages and stillages

Manufacturing: We have the expertise to design and manufacture post pallets and stillages to your specific requirements. Our team have over 50 years of factory floor and warehouse storage solution experience.

Similar products

If you require something like a stillage but less bulky, Palletower box and cage pallets have similar functions and qualities, but are smaller and lighter.

Why choose Palletower?

At Palletower, we recognise that your storage and product handling needs can be numerous, complex and varied. In the UK, we have a highly experienced design team ready to solve complex stillage requirements and manufacture in small to medium volumes. For larger volumes we have vast capacity within our Chinese factories and can respond quickly, delivering large, high-quality projects to demanding deadlines.