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Stillages & Post Pallets

Stillages and post pallets are permanent or temporary storage solutions, used to stack pallets or other stackable products such as plastic boxes or the goods themselves. Our stillages and post pallets come in a range of designs, sizes, materials and finishes.

If you need storage solutions in your warehouse or factory, our range of stillages and post pallets will solve the problem. Made from galvanised or powder-coated steel and they can be used outdoors for a complete solution to your warehousing, storage and logistics.

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What is the difference between Stillages and Post Pallets?

They are essentially the same. Stillages can have sides or can be in the form of cages. Post pallets are precisely what the name says, posts that are made to stack pallets. Both can be utilised for your storage solutions.

Key Features

Four size options are available; Small, Medium, Large and Standard (the size of a traditional wooden pallet).

Post pallets come in 4 different post height sizes from 1000mm to 1800mm. Each size can be stacked up to four high.

The finish on the stillages and post pallets can be silver coloured galvanised material, or a powder coated blue finish.

The load strength varies for the size of the pallet. The maximum weight is from 800kg to 1000kg per stillage and post pallet.

Palletower Range

The Palletower range of stillages and post pallets includes; New, Used, Rental and Bespoke.

  • New – Our range of new stillages and post pallets come in a range of solid galvanised and demountable fixtures, small, medium and large sizes, and powder-coated or non-powder-coated finishes.
  • Used – A range of used and re-conditioned stillages and post pallets are available. Our stringent quality checks make sure the used product is the usual Palletower exceptional quality.
  • Rental – Hire stillages and post pallets when your business needs them most. For seasonal demands or busy periods, we have a vast range of stillages and post pallets available, with no capital outlay, monthly repayments and flexible rental times available.
  • Bespoke – If you need stillages and post pallets designed to your specific requirements, our team have over 50 years of factory floor and warehouse storage solution experience. Contact our team with your needs.

Why Palletower for stillages and post pallets?

We are the global leader and UK’s leading manufacturer and stockists of stillages and post pallets. Our innovative design and manufacturing processes make sure that our range of stillages and post pallets are the highest quality and evolving to meet your storage needs.