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Collapsible Plastic Box Pallets

Our newly redesigned fully collapsible box pallets, also known as folding pallet boxes, are just part of the expansive Palletower range of storage solutions. Boxes that can hold a variety of contents safely and securely, then fold away to occupy minimal space when not in use, offer a versatile storage solution for many types of businesses.

The boxes are stackable without the need for additional pallets and racking. And they provide ready access to the contents via half drop gates. When not in use these smart fold-away bulk storage containers simply collapse, significantly reducing their height when stacked, and also providing transport cost savings

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Why choose Palletower collapsible box pallets?

We have now introduced a new smart and ergonomic folding pallet box design, made from tough, practical polypropylene with a number of enhanced features, making the containers even more convenient for a range of product stocking and handling tasks:

Each container has:

  • An internal bulk storage capacity of 840 litres
  • Easy access via the two half drop gates
  • Simple-to-operate pull latches open and shut the side panels
  • Operable by a single person: non-sequential folding makes collapsing very easy
  • Space saving, folded unit height is just 345mm
  • Excellent 3:1 return ratio reduces return transport costs.

Other features include:

  • Robust and durable
  • Smooth internal and external walls
  • Easy to clean and more hygienic
  • Parts are quickly and easily assembled
  • Reinforced base and door hinges
  • Label/ID holders on 4 sides Improved feet design
  • Impact resistant for reduced forklift damage
  • Smart appearance
  • Optional plastic drop on lid