Collapsible Plastic Box Pallets

Folding plastic pallet boxes, also known as collapsible box pallets, or collapsible plastic pallet boxes are a practical and versatile type of foldable storage box, moulded in HDPE (high density polyethylene). Our new pallet boxes and collapsible tote box design aren't just extremely robust, however offers a space saving alternative to Palletower's standard, non-collapsible box pallets.

Each one of our collapsible plastic containers, storage boxes and crates have integrated skids, making them simple to move and stack. They have two drop down gates for easy access to the contents when stacked, whilst our more budget model has one dropdown gate. There's also an optional lid for each.

View our range of bulk pallet boxes below, suitable for a wide range of environments. Available for immediate delivery.


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When not in use

When not in use, each collapsible storage and pallet box and plastic crates fold flat, occupying minimal storage space; offering a versatile storage solution for many types of businesses, and helping to keep your warehouses tidy and organised.

Collapsible plastic pallet boxes available for bulk purchase

At Palletower we have over 250,000 items in stock at any one time. That means, if you require large quantities of collapsible storage boxes, we offer bulk purchases for immediate despatch. We also offer preferential prices for bulk purchases, making our storage solutions even better value for money.

If you need Euro stacking containers in bulk, we have large stocks available.

Benefits of foldable plastic box pallets

  • Each collapsible plastic container, crate and tote box is easy to wipe and clean inside and out.

  • Strong, scratch resistant and waterproof.

  • They can safely hold large objects.

  • Optional lids keep contents safe during storage and in transit.

  • Stackable, up to five pallets high.

  • Weather resistant — ideal for outdoor storage.

  • Skids for easy moving and rotation on forklifts.

  • Drop down gates allow easy access to units.

  • No leaning in required to pull out heavy objects, reducing the risk of injury.

  • Stackable – both when built and when collapsed.

  • Ideal for return logistics, they are supremely space efficient when folded flat.

Which Industries use collapsible plastic boxes?

  • The high weight capacity of the plastic pallet boxes makes them ideal for storing vehicle parts and components such as used batteries.

  • HDPE is easy to wipe clean and disinfect.

  • The tote box can be used as collapsible and movable display units.

  • Easy stackability, with access via the drop-down gates plus an optional lid, makes our foldable plastic boxes ideal for storing wiring and lighting.

  • Return logistics. Fold flat plastic storage boxes are outstandingly space efficient in trucks and vans for the return leg, with a 3:1 return ratio. There’s also less waste and none of the hassle of disposing of wooden box pallets or cardboard containers. This also makes our reusable folding plastic boxes the eco-friendly option.

  • Food: if you wish to store foodstuffs such as fresh fruit and vegetables in stackable boxes, our range of rigid vented box pallets are the most suitable product.

Buy or hire, new, used or bespoke

You can purchase our plastic box pallets brand new in any quantity. We also offer rental plastic boxes for immediate despatch in quantities of up to 30,000 — the perfect option if you have sudden or seasonal demand to meet. Our used and once-used box pallets provide an affordable alternative when budgets are tight.

Why choose Palletower for collapsible box pallets?

At Palletower, we recognise that your storage and product handling needs can be numerous and complex. That’s why we have an extensive range of rigid and collapsible pallet boxes, plastic retail display boxes and box pallets to meet the wide demand in the warehouse, logistics, and retail world. We hold over 250,000 units in stock for immediate despatch at any given time. Availability is never a problem.

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