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Plastic Pallet Collars

Palletower’s pallet collars offer the perfect protection for pallestised goods whilst in transit. Designed to keep products retained securely, therefore virtually elimating the potential of spilled loads. Fully stackable, the plastic sleeves are built up on top of each other around the pallet contents and compatible with both 1000 x 1200mm timber or plastic pallets.

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Plastic Pallet Collars

The patented ‘snap-lock’ design significantly improves overall user feel when assembling and collapsing. The high-class design mould has been paramount in ensuring that the Pallet Collar operates with a high level of efficiency and remains cost effective.

This provides greater versatility over other common applications such as conventional cages as it can be stacked at 300mm increments and up to six collars high, providing a variable height and more efficient load capacity options.

Stronger than other models on market, the collars offer a high degree of protection to products during transit which is ultimately where the majority of product damage occurs.

Easy to use

The smooth design of the internal walls virtually eliminates snagging and therefore ideal for loose packaged goods. The ‘click-lock’ mechanism is significantly more rigid and easy to operate than other similar products on the market. In addition, the reinforced interlocking tabs and fewer working parts simple increases operational life and ultimately lower maintenance costs.

One of the best examples of Returnable Transit Packaging (RTP). The ability to flat pack the pallet collar to an 8:1 ratio makes it perfect for storage as well as reducing transport costs between distribution centres and warehouses.