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Create more floor space

Our versatile stillages are built from high-grade steel to ensure long-lasting usage. They’re also demountable and stackable, saving you valuable floor space in warehouses or during transit. All our stillages are in stock and available for immediate despatch.

The largest stocks at the best prices

We offer the most diverse stocks at the best prices, with thousands of units ready to be despatched at a moment’s notice. Whether you want to buy rent or lease purchase, we have products available to suit your needs. Our post pallets and stillages come in various shapes and sizes that can be adjusted to suit your supply chain and warehouse.

  • Good isn't good enough

    That's why we manufacture in the UK to ensure our stock is made to the highest standards at the best prices. Our products are also made from recycled materials and are 100% recyclable.

  • Ready for immediate despatch

    Need your stillages now? No problem. We've got thousands of items in stock, on the ground and ready for instant distribution.

  • Superb value

    Buy best-in-class stillages at the lowest prices at Palletower. It’s why we’re the global leader in stillage manufacturing.

Global leaders

We manufacture and supply to companies across the world. From Hong Kong to Australia, South Africa to Azerbaijan, our partners include the world’s largest retail and logistics companies who trust us to improve their storage and distribution solutions.

Pay your way

Pay the way you want with Palletower. We offer short and long-term rental, including leasing options and outright purchasing.

  • Buy

    Need a stillage for long-term use? Our post pallet stillages are available to buy at the best price.

  • Rent

    Renting stillages is perfect if you need them for a specific job or time. We offer short and long-term rental options at affordable rates.

  • Lease Purchase

    Leasing stillages is ideal if you'd rather pay in installments over a set period. There's also a buy-out option, meaning our stillages are yours at the end of the lease.

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