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Food & Wholesale

Control, agility, and efficiency are the key considerations when choosing storage and logistics equipment for wholesale and distribution operations. This is especially important when the goods you deal with include foods and other perishable or easily damaged items.

At Palletower, we are the leading manufacturer and supplier of logistics solutions, including the UK's strongest, most durable roll pallets. There are trolleys, stillages and boxes here, too. We work closely with the leading names in many industries, understanding food storage and distribution businesses' challenges. Our products keep goods safe and commerce flowing.

How Palletower products solve major food and wholesale industry challenges

Storage and Logistics equipment for food and wholesale businesses

As a global leading supplier, we offer a comprehensive range of logistics equipment for the food wholesale and distribution industry, including:

  • Roll trolleys and cages for safe storage and easy movement of goods

  • Merchandise picking trolleys for speedy product selection

  • Post pallets and stillages for flexible use of space

  • Collapsible plastic boxes and pallets to save space and promote hygiene

  • Hypacages for easy access to stored items

  • Box and cage pallets for versatility

  • Warehouse trolleys and stock trolleys for easy product movement

Solve the food distribution and warehousing industry's toughest challenges in partnership with Palletower

Distributing food, drink, and related products is demanding. Therefore, we have created handling and logistics solutions with the industry’s multiple challenges in mind.

These demands include:

  • Fresh, frozen, and chilled items require different storage conditions under the same roof.

  • It’s vital to optimise the short shelf lives of seasonal and perishable items.

  • Space is limited and must be used with maximum efficiency.

  • Supply and demand fluctuate with sudden surges calling for immediate action.

  • Storing chilled products is particularly sensitive and expensive.

  • Items of different sizes and weights require a mix of storage solutions.

  • Traceability is of critical importance.

  • The highest hygiene standards must be consistently maintained throughout the product journey from farm or factory to retailer and consumer.

  • Instant, round-the-clock access to all stock is vital.

We specialise in bespoke solutions

As leaders in the logistics equipment market, we invest continuously in developing our standard products. Our people are alert to the food warehousing and distribution industry’s needs, constantly modifying and refining our products accordingly. When a new feature or product is needed, we get there first. We also provide a specialist design and build facility to tailor solutions for customers’ specific requirements. If you need a particular solution, always talk to Palletower first.

Why choose Palletower?

  • Available to buy, lease or rent.

  • Immediate availability and speedy delivery in any quantity.

  • Reliable, durable products engineered from the highest quality plastics and metals, including heavy-duty galvanised steel.

  • Attention to detail with wheels and castors that keep rolling and hinges that keep moving.

  • Bespoke products can be ordered to your specification.

  • Used and reconditioned products available across most ranges, with ready availability from stock.

Frequently asked questions

Browse the questions below to find out more about Palletower.

What is the minimum order quantity?

Whilst we have no minimum order quantity on any of our Ex-work’s products, we do have hauliers that specialise in 1 or 2 units. Other hauliers specialise purely in wholesale quantities, which means we provide you with the quantity needed based on your product needs.

What is the usual turnaround time for delivery?

Palletower have a range of delivery options. To drastically improve lead time for urgent orders we offer an over-night delivery service. We aim to despatch our large, stocked products within 5-7 working days. Large bespoke orders can be tailored from manufacture to delivery, with lead times being variable to suit your needs.