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Storage and logistics equipment for postal and delivery services

Postal services are booming, especially since the start of the pandemic. The industry has expanded rapidly with more organisations involved and mail processing than ever before. Logistics and distribution hubs and sorting centres play a vital role in the efficient running of postal businesses. They need to run smoothly round the clock under intense pressure from e-commerce companies and their customers.

At Palletower, we specialise in the storage and package solutions that make this possible. Providing logistics equipment for postal facilities is a demanding brief, and our solutions include parcel cages, roll pallets and picking trolleys. We are the leading manufacturer and supplier of these and many other types of storage and logistics equipment for mail centres, as well as other key industries, including retail, pharmaceutical and automotive. Ours is a world-leading range of durable, superbly engineered products, all available for purchase or rental in any quantity, with immediate availability.

How Palletower products solve major postal industry challenges

Palletower solutions suitable for mail centres and distribution hubs

Items from the Palletower range suitable for mail centre storage equipment include:

  • Heavy duty parcel cage: With all four sides demountable, this heavy-duty parcel cage pallet has 50mm x 100mm mesh infill sides and a base to protect stored items and not allow parcels or other packages to fall out. The two-piece hinged stable door and removable gate allow easy access to contents. When not in use in off-peak times they can be dismounted and stored inside one built unit for space efficiency.

  • Full security roll pallet with mesh infill: Full security nestable A frame roll pallets with 50mm x 50mm mesh infill sides and lid are ideal for securing high-value goods. Security cages for distribution centres feature a hinged gate and hinged internal shelf, allowing easy access and flexibility. The option of a coloured plastic bases make pallets easily identifiable ad easy to while clean if been used both inside and outside of warehousing.

  • Four-sided merchandising picking trolley: This merchandise picking trolley is designed to accommodate two 600mm x 400mm tote boxes side-by-side, with wardrobe-style doors for speedy access. Fixed and braked swivel castors and two large handles make the trolley easy to manoeuvre in tight spaces. Adjustable loose shelving provides easy loading and offloading of packages.

  • Plastic pallet collar: The simple, practical, low-cost way to instantly transform a flat pallet into a strong, durable, lightweight box or crate. Ideal for storing or transporting various goods, while reducing transport costs and saving on storage space. Plastic collars for mail centres are ideal because they are fully stackable, and compatible with 1000mm x 1200mm timber or plastic pallets.

  • Retention units: These folding wire mesh retention units are a cost-effective way to retain and protect palletised products. Fit the unit, and it instantly converts any standard or euro-sized timber pallet into an efficient, practical storage cage. This allows you to secure unstable items and transport goods more efficiently. Frames fold flat when not in use, and are easy to store, freeing up valuable storage space.

  • Collapsible plastic box pallets: Also known as folding plastic pallet boxes, they are practical and versatile foldable storage boxes moulded in HDPE (high-density polyethylene). A robust and space-saving alternative to Palletower’s standard, non-collapsible box pallets. Integrated skids make them simple to move and stack. Drop-down gates allow easy access to the contents when stacked. Optional lids are available, and when not in use, the boxes fold flat, occupying minimal storage space(3.5:1 folding ratio).

How Palletower products solve postal industry challenges

Packages and mail have changed, with more items straddling the divide between parcel and letter—”rest mail” in industry terminology.

Competition is intense, too, with speed and efficiency at a premium. Customers feel entitled to next-day delivery in many cases.

The boom in demand for postal services is also set to continue, with 10% growth predicted in the next few years. For all these reasons, postal businesses need to display flexibility, agility and reliability. If you don’t deliver, a competitor will.

We have developed the Palletower range of storage and logistics solutions with the sector’s specific challenges in mind.

  • Space is at a premium, so our solutions help you make the most of every cubic centimetre

  • Even the largest cages and trolleys are designed to manoeuvre easily in tight spaces.

  • Products are engineered to withstand hard knocks and constant round-the-clock use.

  • Items vary greatly in size, shape and weight, demanding flexible, superbly designed and bespoke solutions.

Why partner with Palletower?

We are the leading manufacturer and supplier of product storage and distribution equipment with over 100 product lines. Palletower leads the world because we understand the needs and priorities of our customers, including post and mail delivery businesses. You can always rely on availability and speedy delivery, with a quarter of a million items immediately available from stock.

  • Buy, lease, or rent.

  • Immediate availability and speedy delivery in quantities large or small.

  • Reliable, durable products engineered from high-quality plastics and metals, including heavy-duty galvanised steel.

  • Used and reconditioned products available across most ranges, with ready availability from stock and outstanding value.

Bespoke postal centre storage and logistics equipment made to order

As well as a wide range of standard products, we are always ready to create bespoke solutions, working to customers’ precise requirements. We collaborate closely with some of the biggest names in the sector. If you need something specific, always talk to the Palletower team first, where we can offer the best bespoke solution to your logistical needs.

Frequently asked questions

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What is the minimum order quantity?

Whilst we have no minimum order quantity on any of our Ex-work’s products, we do have hauliers that specialise in 1 or 2 units. Other hauliers specialise purely in wholesale quantities, which means we provide you with the quantity needed based on your product needs.

Which product is best suited for my industry?

We have a wide range of products to suit all industries. For more bespoke solutions or recommendations for what’s already being used in your industry, speak to our team or get in touch on our contact page.

What is the usual turnaround time for delivery?

Palletower have a range of delivery options. To drastically improve lead time for urgent orders we offer an over-night delivery service. We aim to despatch our large, stocked products within 5-7 working days. Large bespoke orders can be tailored from manufacture to delivery, with lead times being variable to suit your needs.