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Retail and ecommerce product storage solutions

Retail is the art of keeping customers happy and coming back for more. That means having the things they want to buy available in perfect condition. This is equally true for online retail businesses, small shops and supermarkets.

At Palletower, we specialise in storage and logistics solutions that enable retailers and "etailers" to use their stockroom and warehouse space efficiently. We can help you store products safely and move goods quickly, so you can provide the product quality and responsive customer service that promotes repeat purchasing.

How Palletower products solve major automotive industry challenges

The Palletower range of retail and ecommerce equipment

With in-store and online retail storage in mind, the Palletower range includes:

  • Shopping trolleys: Supermarket trolleys for retailers are seen in every retail outlet, from hypermarkets and megastores to traditional supermarkets, convenience stores and specialist shops. Also, in warehousing and wholesale businesses, healthcare and educational settings, order picking facilities, offices and post rooms. We offer a full range of shopping trolleys to suit all areas ranging from 71litre capacity to 210 litre capacity.

  • Three-sided Z frame roll container: These versatile trolleys, constructed in steel with a bright zinc plated finish, feature one open side and 100mm x 100mm x 3.8mm mesh infill to the sides and gate. They incorporate a half-height hinged shelf and a document plate. Mobility is assured with four 125mm rubber castors, two fixed, one swivel and one swivel braked. Ideal for operating in tight store rooms or down small isles. This unit is also available in a four sided version.

  • Multi-tier picking trolley: Ideal as stock trolleys for ecommerce businesses where workers need to pick multiple orders from different areas of a storeroom or warehouse. The trolley holds eight storage boxes and is suitable for euro containers, euro stack and nest containers and bale arm containers. It features a bright zinc plate finish and a strong, lightweight design. Bag hanger, scanner basket and storage basket are included as standard. The four rubber-centred swivel sandwich castors reduce noise pollution and are not marking.

  • Three-sided merchandise picking trolley: A wonderfully versatile trolley popular across warehousing, retail, healthcare and pharmaceuticals environments. It accommodates two side-by-side 600mm x 400mm tote boxes. Fixed and braked swivel castors plus two large handles make for optimum manoeuvrability, while open shelving promotes easy loading and unloading of contents. There is also a four sided version with wardrobe doors to one long dimension.

  • Display and merchandise picking trolleys: One of Palletower’s most diverse and widely used products, our trolleys feature two shelves that you can position at different heights and rotations. The versatile shelves can display or carry products without needing totes. They’re perfect for manoeuvring around tight stock rooms and aisles in smaller stores. Can be used for both picking and storing products, as well as displaying product to sell.

  • Cash and carry trolleys: Storage and distribution facilities range from large warehouses and hubs to small stockrooms. We, therefore, offer trolleys in a spectrum of sizes, including heavy-duty cash and carry trolleys with sprung plywood bases for big spaces and larger loads.

  • Warehouse trolleys: Versatile stock trolleys with fixed or retractable shelf or a basket are ideal for small and larger stores with high weight capacity to carry bulkier items, whilst nesting when not in used to save space.

  • The complete Palletower range also features box pallets, cage pallets, and retention units, plus a variety of stillages and boxes in rugged steel or easy-to-clean plastic.

Solve the retail and ecommerce industry’s toughest challenges in partnership with Palletower

Storing and selling goods for any retail business demands flexibility and agility. Stock needs to be moved quickly and efficiently, from warehouses and distribution centres to storerooms and shelves.

From white goods to foodstuffs, products vary in size and type, requiring very different storage and logistics solutions. A single high street or online retailer can offer fresh, frozen, and packaged foods, clothing and textiles, electrical appliances, medicines, household goods and more. That’s why we’ve developed a wide and varied range of storage and logistics equipment—there’s a solution to every challenge.

  • Perishable items require different temperatures and other storage conditions, all under one roof.

  • Efficient stock control is vital to ensure that items with a limited shelf life are at their best.

  • Storage space is probably limited, so you need solutions that help you make the most of every cubic centimetre.

  • Products need to be accessible when customers want them, which means 24/7.

  • Retailers need the flexibility to manage sudden demand surges or build-up of stock.

  • Items vary in size, shape and weight, calling for a mix of storage and logistics solutions.

Why partner with Palletower?

We are Europe’s leading manufacturer and supplier of product storage, materials handling, and distribution equipment. Choose us, and you can always count on speedy delivery from stock. We have more than a quarter of a million products available at your fingertips.

Need a bespoke solution?

We offer a wide range of standard products and are always ready to create bespoke solutions to customers’ precise requirements. We collaborate closely with some of the biggest names in retail and ecommerce, including major supermarkets, wholesalers and online retailers of all kinds. Whatever your requirement, always talk to the Palletower team first, where we can offer the best bespoke solution to your logistical needs.

Why choose Palletower?

We are the leading manufacturer and supplier of product storage and distribution equipment. We are also the largest and most diverse stockist, with more than 100 different product lines. You can always rely on availability and speedy delivery, with a quarter of a million items immediately available from stock.

  • Buy, lease, or rent.

  • Immediate availability and speedy delivery in quantities large or small.

  • Reliable, durable products engineered from high-quality plastics and metals, including heavy-duty galvanised steel.

  • Used and reconditioned products available across most ranges, with ready availability from stock and outstanding value.

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What is the minimum order quantity?

Whilst we have no minimum order quantity on any of our Ex-work’s products, we do have hauliers that specialise in 1 or 2 units. Other hauliers specialise purely in wholesale quantities, which means we provide you with the quantity needed based on your product needs.