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Rental Products

Rent from Europe’s largest stockist of roll containers, roll pallets, stillages and plastic box pallets

Hiring is a great option when you require storage, handling and distribution equipment such as pallets, stillages and boxes of all kinds. Rental is an especially useful idea when requirements fluctuate. Or perhaps you experience seasonal demand or sudden busy periods, but don’t need the products on a permanent basis. With our fast, responsive hire service, you need never run out of essential equipment.

Always the best price and no upfront capital outlay

Our vast stocks mean we can offer the most competitive deals. With no upfront capital outlay required and monthly payment plans to suit any budget, hiring from Palletower is the perfect way to fit in with cashflow planning.

Range of rental options

We will create a tailored rental plan to suit your needs and budget. Hire periods are as flexible as you could wish, with long-term rental or short-term hire periods starting at just two-weeks. No minimum quantity restrictions is another advantage of hiring from Palletower.

Hire across the entire range

Any Palletower product is available to rent or buy. Our extensive range includes roll containers, stillages, plastic pallet boxes, garment rails and metal cage pallets and many other storage solutions.

Large stocks always available

At Palletower we have permanently large stocks available for rent with immediate despatch. For example our dedicated fleet of roll pallets is the largest in Europe, exceeding 35,000 units. No wonder we are the preferred supplier for so many businesses from across the retail, warehousing logistics and manufacturing industries.

No lost pallet worries

Palletower equipment is highly distinctive and clearly identifiable, making it easier to trace and much less likely to go missing. Additional bar-coding and bespoke build solutions will reduce your losses, helping you keep track of your rental fleets when mixed up with your own equipment. De-hiring is much more straightforward as a result.

High quality manufacturing

Exceptional quality is never in doubt when you rent from Palletower. All our equipment is manufactured to the highest engineering standards with meticulous quality control at every stage.

Prefer to buy, new or used?

Practically every Palletower product is available to purchase new or second-hand, as well as with a range of rental options. Always talk to the Palletower team first to explore all the options.