Retention Units

Are you looking for a practical, cost-effective way to use your timber and plastic pallets? Then, we’ve got just the thing. Pallet retention units allow you to free up warehouse space, secure unstable items, and transport goods more efficiently. These folding wire mesh retention units are arguably one of the most cost-effective ways of retaining and protecting palletised products, by converting standard and euro sized timber pallets into efficient, practical storage cage.


Stackable Retention Units

Traditional wooden and plastic pallets have many advantages, but one serious problem. Loose palletised goods tend to fall or slide off and can also be unprotected and prone to damage. Our retention units are the smart and cost-effective solution, allowing you to fit one of our specially designed wire mesh cages over a pallet keeping the contents retained and protected. The cage is held securely in place by specially engineered clips. You can also store much more merchandise on each pallet inside one of our retention units. We carry large stock allowing for immediate despatch. Buy or Rental options available to suit your business needs.

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Stackable Retention Units

Non Stackable Retention Units

Our non-stackable retention units make a simple solution smarter, transforming your plastic and timber pallets into sturdy, high-capacity storage cages. So, whether you’re stowing away items in the warehouse, or keeping your goods on the move, you’ll benefit from our added features. Our range of Non-Stackable Retention Units includes standard and heavy duty options which are available for immediate despatch directly from our warehouse.

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Non Stackable Retention Units

More Information

Stackable and non stackable retention units

Organisations that frequently handle goods will know about standardised pallets. They’re the obvious solution to moving large stock quantities between warehouses, distribution centres, and retail sites.

Our pallet retention units make a simple solution even smarter. We’ve transformed the humble pallet into a sturdy, high-capacity storage cage by including extra clips and reinforced steel mesh. In turn, you’ll have a product that gives your stock additional protection and stacks up to four units high.

Retention units are ideal as a returnable packaging solution, minimising space whilst in transit and ultimately reducing transport costs.

Easy access

Removable and hinged gates, enables easy access to the palletised goods. The steel wire mesh frames fit neatly onto pallets, held in position with retaining clips. Units can be fitted to wooden and a range of plastic pallets.

What problems does a pallet retention cage solve?

Standard, euro-sized and UK-sized timber pallets are the backbone of goods handling and distribution. However, many products aren’t making life easier for their handlers.

In contrast, our wire mesh retention units offer:

  • Safety: keep bulky, loose, and awkwardly-shaped items secure. Both products and people are protected from bumps, scrapes, and falls.

  • Efficiency: stackable up to four high, our retention units make the most of your space.

  • Stock management: a rigid, reinforced steel mesh structure keeps your cargo contained and visible—complete manual checks and inspections with ease.

  • Access: there’s a combination of full or half drop gates on up to four sides, making it easy to retrieve items.

  • Saving space: When not in use our fully collapsible cages take up minimal space by folding flat, making them ideal for return transport logistics.

  • Frames are designed to be fully collapsible when not in use, folding flat and easy to store, therefore incredibly space saving for warehouses.

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