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Palletower is the industry’s leading plastic box and collars manufacturer and distributor, with over 500,000 units stocked for immediate dispatch. Our UK-manufactured plastic boxes are robust, stackable and help reduce carbon emissions. They’re also easy to access and spacious, thanks to optional collapsible sides. It’s never been easier to stow away products and keep floor space clear in busy working environments.

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We’re a Global Leader in Plastic Manufacturing

As the global leader in plastic manufacturing, Palletower sells more than 25,000 plastic pallet boxes per year. We use our advanced manufacturing facilities to ensure the highest production levels, making plastic boxes built to last in demanding working environments.

Each plastic box is moulded from polypropylene, making it easy to clean. They’re also robust, light, and ideal for protecting heavy or fragile goods. Struggling to find floor space? Most boxes feature bases that are stackable and easy to transport using a truck or forklift.

UK-Based Manufacturing

UK-Based Manufacturing

Our experienced UK team can design products that meet your organisation’s needs, especially if you have unique plastic box and plastic collar requirements. As the biggest seller of collapsible boxes in the UK, we mould every collapsible plastic box in our advanced UK facilities.

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Save space, money and the environment

You’ll be pleased to hear that Palletower’s UK-made plastic boxes are environmentally-friendly. We have a duty of care to protect our planet, so all plastic is constructed from sustainable PP (polypropylene) or HDPE (high density polyethylene), making them highly durable and readily recycled. Every box is collected and ground up to produce new, sustainable plastic boxes, so you won’t ever have to contribute to landfill waste.

And it’s not just the environment you’ll help save; our plastic boxes maximise space in crowded areas, such as shop floors, warehouses, trucks, and lorries. They’re also perfect for storing industrial goods, whether automotive components, horticulture products, food, or clothing. Moreover, because our collapsible plastic boxes fold to 345mm, you’ll gain significant transport savings for return logistics.

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