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Merchandise Picking Trolleys For Sale

Ordering items online for delivery to homes and business premises is rapidly becoming the new norm in shopping and commerce of all kinds. This growth in demand is driving a boom in business for warehouses and distribution hubs.

They are designed for use in a variety of sectors, including retail warehousing, healthcare, and pharmaceuticals.

The Palletower merchandise picking trolley range, also known as order picking trolleys, can play a major role in helping facilities to move goods and fulfil orders with optimum speed, accuracy, and efficiency.

View our merchandising picking trolley range below, and contact us to make your order today.

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What are Order Picking Trolleys?

Merchandise picking trolleys are a type of roll pallet, primarily used in the retail and warehousing sector, and are made from heavy-duty steel. They are designed to carry totes and attached lid containers side by side at a convenient position and height on adjustable shelves for easy loading and offloading.  Extra, adjustable loose shelving is available, providing additional capacity and flexibility.

As standard, the majority of our trolleys are fitted with high-quality hard-wearing nylon castors, making them robust and easy to move around warehouses. Large handles offer further manoeuvrability, enabling the trolleys to negotiate long aisles, tight corners, and tricky spaces between rows of racking.

Most Palletower merchandise picking trolleys have caged sides to secure the contents during transit. One side is open, or able to open, for easy access when loading and removing goods.

The picking trolleys are fitted with two fixed and two braked swivel rubber castors and feature two large handles for maximum manoeuvrability. Extra, adjustable loose shelving provides additional capacity and flexibility.

What are the benefits?

  • Mesh sides protect the contents during loading and transit
  • Hard wearing, non-marking, noise-reducing castors, with a mix of fixed, braked and swivel castors for optimum manoeuvrability
  • Robust, durable, attractive low maintenance zinc plated steel construction
  • Adjustable shelving for versatility
  • Additional adjustable shelving available
  • Extremely versatile and suitable for a variety of environments, including warehousing, retail, healthcare, and pharmaceuticals

World-leading expertise

Palletower merchandise cage trolleys are used throughout the world in retail premises, warehouses, logistics hubs and factories. We are the UK’s and Europe’s leading manufacturer and distributor of all types of roll pallets and containers.

Which types of picking trollies are available?

  • Three-sided merchandise picking trolleys

Designed to accommodate two 600mm x 400mm tote boxes side by side on each of two shelves, plus the base. One side is open for ease of access.

  • Four-sided merchandise picking trolleys

Also, able to hold two 600mm x 400mm tote boxes side by side per shelf. One of the mesh sides has wardrobe-style doors for ready access.

  • Two-tier picking trolleys

This simple open trolley is perfect for e-commerce and retail businesses — anywhere with small storerooms and narrow aisles. The four swivel castors are rubber, minimising noise, and vibration when in motion. The shelves have ridged edges to prevent products from sliding off. They are suitable for holding Euro containers, Euro stack and nest containers and bale arm containers.

  • Multi-tier picking trolleys

This type is widely used by businesses involving the need to pick multiple orders from different areas of a storeroom or warehouse. Its attractive bright zinc plate finish is strong but lightweight and versatile. Trolleys are fitted with a bag hanger, scanner basket and storage basket as standard, and four swivel sandwich castors with rubber centres and hard-wearing polyurethane outers to reduce noise. The trolley holds up to eight storage boxes and is suitable for Euro containers, Euro stack and nest containers and bale arm containers.

  • 3-sided Z-frame roll containers

These versatile trolleys, constructed in steel with a bright zinc plated finish, are three-sided with one open side and 100mm x 100mm x 3.8mm mesh infill to the sides and gate. They incorporate a half-height hinged shelf and a document plate. Mobility is assured with four 125mm rubber castors: two fixed, one swivel and one swivel braked.

Why choose Palletower?

Palletower merchandise cage trolleys are used throughout the world in retail premises, warehouses, logistics hubs and factories.

Availability is never a problem with Palletower, with over 250,000 items in stock at any given time, ready for immediate despatch.

Order picking trolleys are just one aspect of our world-leading expertise. We offer an extensive range of storage, handling and distribution solutions in steel and plastic, from roll pallets to cages, stillages and boxes. Over 100 product lines in all, making us the UK’s leader and Europe’s most diverse stockist.

Do you need merchandising trolleys immediately, or are you looking for a bespoke solution? Contact the Palletower team at any time.