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Plastic Box Pallets

Rigid, collapsible or wheeled, whether you call them plastic box pallets or plastic pallet boxes, at Palletower we can provide every type of plastic pallet container for every purpose and type of business. And with our immense permanent stocks, you can have any quantity at any time.

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Buy or hire, new, second hand or once used

Our range of both new and second hand box pallets is so wide, you can safely choose either all new box pallets or used, with complete confidence that we’ll meet your needs. Palletower ‘once used’ box pallets are another option worth considering. They have invariably been used just the one time to store and transport citrus fruits. All are available to purchase or for hire.

Versatility in a box

Suitable for a vast range of environments and applications, these heavy duty plastic pallet boxes are constructed with either solid or vented sides. They provide practical bulk storage solutions for sectors as diverse as foods, agriculture, warehousing, recycling and general industry.

Stacks of advantages

Stackable to save space when not required, our plastic box pallets are available with either four or six feet. Many models can also be fitted with skids. Choose from a variety of styles, sizes and colours.

Global leadership

Palletower products are used worldwide in all major industries, including retail, warehousing, engineering, logistics and manufacturing. We are trusted partners of numerous major companies throughout the UK, Asia, Australia and South America.

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