Plastic Box Pallets for Sale

Palletower’s Plastic Box Pallets are designed for a wide range of industries, from seasonal trading businesses to large warehouses. Manufactured with HDPE material, they’re light and easy to clean. And with a weight capacity of up to 500kg, our Plastic Box Pallets keep heavy and fragile contents secure and free from damage. Plus, they come with pallet-style bases to provide easy stackability for your warehouse goods.


Plastic Pallet Boxes For Sale

Palletower plastic box pallets are large storage containers moulded from high-density polyethylene (HDPE).  Durable and easy to clean, our plastic pallet boxes are ideal for storing and protecting a wide variety of bulky, heavy, easily damaged items. Pallet-style bases make our plastic boxes stackable to save space, and easy to move around premises by forklift. Boxes with vented sides allow air to circulate, keeping the contents fresh. Vented bases also allow drainage to keep items in good condition. There's the option of a drop-on lid if required. View our range of plastic pallet boxes and related products for sale below. Plastic Pallet Boxes > Once Used Plastic Box Pallets > Plastic Euro Boxes > Wheeled Plastic Boxes & Storage Bins >

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Plastic Pallet Boxes For Sale

Once Used Plastic Box Pallets

These plastic box pallets from Palletower are second hand but always in excellent condition. We make sure they've been used just once before: to carry citrus fruits from grower to processing plant. As a result, they cost less than new boxes and can also help your business reduce its environmental impact. Yet they offer the same practical benefits and look as good as brand new pallets. Alternatively known as pallet boxes and plastic pallet containers, these previously used units can have either solid or vented sides and come in various colours.

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Once Used Plastic Box Pallets

Plastic Euro Boxes

The great advantage of plastic Euro boxes from Palletower is that they're compatible with any standard Euro pallet, whether plastic or wooden. Also known as Euro crates, Euro bins, and Euro stacking containers, these sturdy, stackable boxes are a popular solution for a variety of storage, logistics, and handling tasks. Ideal for keeping heavy and bulky items safe, they also make goods easy to move around. You'll find vast numbers in everyday use across a wide range of industries, including automotive, food, pharma, agriculture and technology.

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Plastic Euro Boxes

Wheeled Plastic Boxes

Make your business run more efficiently with Palletower’s Wheeled Plastic Boxes. Their nestable designs save you space in busy workspaces like backrooms and warehouses. Sturdy HPDE plastic exteriors can come with heavy-duty rubber castors to make moving products effortless. Whether you work in agriculture, food processing, engineering, retail, or warehousing, browse our wheeled plastic boxes today. 

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Wheeled Plastic Boxes

More Information

What Is a Plastic Box Pallet?

Palletower’s range of Plastic Box Pallets includes large storage containers moulded from high-density polyethylene (HDPE), making them durable, easy to maintain, and ideal for storing a wide variety of bulky, heavy, or fragile items.

Each of our plastic boxes come with pallet-style bases for easy stackability. This not only helps you save space, but also makes our pallets effortless to manouver and move, whether manually or with a forklift or truck. Certain ranges of our Plastic Box Pallets also come with vented bases and sides, facilitating the flow of air to keep contents fresh and damage-free. You can also customise your plastic box with a drop-on lid for added security and protection of contents.

Explore our huge range of Plastic Box Pallets:

Plastic Box Pallet Uses Across Industries

The flexibility, security, and durability of Palletower’s Plastic Box Pallets makes them perfect for many industries, particularly businesses storing and transporting fresh goods and seasonal trade businesses. The collapsible box pallets are also ideal for industries wanting to control the cost of return logistics, thanks to their space-saving features and the ability to collapse each box giving a 4;1 return ration.

We offer rental plastic boxes available for immediate dispatch in  vast quantities, which is particularly handy for seasonal businesses who need to meet demands. Or go ahead and purchase our brand new Plastic Box Pallets in any quantity you require.

Benefits of Plastic Box Pallets

Palletower’s top quality Plastic Box Pallets offer affordability, to keep items secure and keep keep costs low. You’ll be able to save space, keep items secure and fresh, and reuse your pallets for years to come. Our plastic boxes have several advantages:


  • Easy to clean inside and out

  • Durable and scratch resistant

  • Weather resistant and safe for outside storage

  • Sustainable and perfect for frequent reuse

  • Safely hold large and fragile objects with a weight capacity of up to 500kg

  • Optional lids to keep items secure

  • Stackable up to five pallets high

  • Light and easy to move

  • Available in a choice of sizes and colours, with or without lids and wheels

  • Suitable for a huge range of industries

Bespoke Plastic Box Pallets

We can manufacture bespoke Plastic Box Pallets to your precise needs and industry, ensuring you have a solution fit for your business. Our team have more than 50 years of factory floor and warehouse storage solution experience, so we can advise you on the right specifications for your warehouse. Choose custom pallet types, colours, and sizes.

Why Choose Palletower?

At Palletower, we recognise that your storage and product handling needs can be wide-ranging and complex. That’s why we have an extensive range of Palletower products that you can customise to meet the demands of your business. Our products are trusted by industries worldwide, making them the perfect solution for all your warehouse, logistics, and retail needs. We hold over 500,000 units in stock ready for immediate dispatch.