Cash and Carry Trolleys

Also known as platform trucks, Palletower cash and carry trolleys are popular with bulk wholesalers, as the name suggests, but also often found more generally in warehousing and storage businesses. Wherever large and diverse loads, such as catering multi-packs or large electrical items, need to be moved at speed around a facility and loaded quickly and efficiently.

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Durable and nestable

All Palletower models of cash and carry trolleys are ruggedly built for heavy duty work. Fully nestable too, so there’s no need to waste essential storage space when the trolleys are between jobs.

Cash and carry trolleys are manufactured in high performance steel with either a bright zinc plate finish or a powder coated paint finish. Both types of finish make them durable and corrosion resistant.

A diverse range

  • Wire mesh base cash and carry trolleys
  • Wood base cash and carry trolley in red
  • Plywood base cash and carry trolley in blue
  • Used wooden base platform truck