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SKU: 20.MT3

Two Tier Picking Trolley

The 20.MT3 (picking trolley) is perfect for e-commerce and retail businesses for picking orders in narrow store isles, storerooms or warehouses. The 20.MT3 has re-enforced shelves whilst been a light, versatile and easy to use design. As standard the picking trolley comes with four swivel rubber castors. The rubber reduces noise pollution by reducing vibrations through the unit also making it easier to handle for the operator. The shelves have a ridge on exterior to prevent products sliding off, they are also suitable to hold Euro Containers, Euro Stack and Nest Containers or Bale Arm Containers.

  • Specification

  • Size

  • Shelf Distance

  • Shelving

    Access from all sides to the shelving
  • Control

    Easy to control and manoeuvre with full width push and pull handle
  • Manoeuvrability

    4 x swivel rubber castors reduce noise pollution and improve manoeuvrability
  • Finish

    Bright zinc plate finish