Product Description:

The 20.MT8.2 is one of our most diverse and adaptable products in the merchandise picking trolley range. This is so diverse because of it easy to use and interchangeable shelf options. The two shelf options available are the “U” and “C” shaped shelves.

Technical Specifications:

Size (external):
410 x 710 x 1710mm
Size (internal) :
395 x 645 x 1550mm
Weight capacity :
500KG (60KG per shelf)
Additional features (C shelf):
Designed for holding crates of product or used for transporting crates.
Additional features (U shelf):
Multi purpose mesh shelf ideal for smaller product (380 x 645mm).
Horizontal hinged handle bar to on short dimension
2 x swivel and 2 x swivel braked rubber
Bright zinc plate finish

Industry Usage:

  • Automotive
  • E-commerce
  • Retail
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SKU: 20.MT8.2

Two sided, multi-use, display and merchandise picking trolley

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Shelf options

  • U shelf – is a mesh shelf ideal for picking smaller products into for example e-commerce orders or using as display in store. This shelf can be positioned in many varying heights on the main unit with flexibility to remove and add more to suit the size of product it is holding/transporting.


  • C shelf – designed to hold crates this shelf is ideal if the merchandise trolley is used for restocking a shop floor or manoeuvring around a warehouse or narrow store room. Four crates can be accessible at any one time.

Additional information

  • Horizontal hinged handlebar to one short dimension for easy manoeuvrability (can be folded away when not needed to save space).

  • Heavy duty rod base with 500kg capacity

  • Top bar to improve rigidity of unit and reduce noise through vibrations

  • Non marking noise reducing rubber castors – two with brakes to prevent the unit moving when displaying products.

  • Bright zinc plate finish

  • Dimensions: 410 x 710 x 1710mm

Key features

As standard this unit comes fitted with:

  • 3 x U shelves

  • Horizontal hinged handle bar to one short dimension to allow easy manoeuvrability even when full loaded

  • 2 x swivel and 2 x swivel braked rubber non marking castors: rubber castors reduce noise whilst in operation making them ideal for commercial use as well been more comfortable for the operator whilst manoeuvring.

  • Heavy duty rod base with a 500kg capacity

  • Top bar to keep the unit rigid and reduce noise from vibrations

Industry usage

The Merchandise and Picking Trolleys are ideal for all kinds of environment including:

  • Warehousing

  • E-commerce

  • Retail

  • Various service sectors