Once Used Plastic Box Pallets

Used only once but going by three different names, Palletower once used plastic box pallets are also known as pallet boxes and plastic pallet containers. Boxes are used once only for the importation of citrus fruit.

Low cost and low environmental impact plastic boxes. Only available from Palletower.

Once Used Plastic Box Pallets

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Citrusy and Green

At Palletower we provide the UK’s biggest range of once used plastic pallet boxes, with massive quantities permanently in stock. What’s different about these rigid plastic bulk storage containers is that they arrived at Palletower having only been used once – transporting citrus fruits from grower to processing plant. In other words, they are practically brand new.
Another benefit of using our once used box pallets is sustainability. Re-using containers is an environmentally friendly step, and can help companies to meet their sustainability targets.

Ideal for foods

Manufactured from Food Grade virgin HDPE, our once used pallet containers are suitable for storing and transporting many different types of foods including liquids, grains, powders, fruits and vegetables.

Stackable to save space

Units are available with either solid or vented sides and bases, and all are space saving and stackable. In fact all have a compatible 1000 x 1200mm footprint, so stacking a mixture of different types together is no problem.


The solid box pallets have a sturdy construction that provides excellent content protection and is leak proof. Vented units are the best option to keep air circulation around the contents is required. Suitable for use in cold storage environments.