Once Used Plastic Box Pallets

These plastic box pallets from Palletower are second hand but always in excellent condition. We make sure they've been used just once before: to carry citrus fruits from grower to processing plant.

As a result, they cost less than new boxes and can also help your business reduce its environmental impact. Yet they offer the same practical benefits and look as good as brand new pallets.

Alternatively known as pallet boxes and plastic pallet containers, these previously used units can have either solid or vented sides and come in various colours.

Once Used Plastic Box Pallets

Once used pallets ready for distribution

Second hand, not second best

Cheap used plastic pallets for sale can often be of a poor standard, but you can buy used pallets with complete confidence from Palletower. There’s no need to worry about sacrificing quality when you choose our once used plastic box pallets. After a single journey transporting fresh fruit they are still in great condition.

Versatile and ideal for foods

Manufactured from food-grade virgin high-density polyethylene (HDPE), our once used pallet containers are suitable for storing and transporting foods of many kinds, including liquids, grains, powders or vegetables. And they’ve already shown they’re great for carrying fruit by doing so on their one previous journey.

Vented or solid, always stackable

Two versions of our once used plastic box pallets are available. Choose either solid or vented sides and bases. The good news is that both types are stackable, enabling you to store them vertically and save valuable floor space.

Better still, both models have the same 1000mm x 2000mm dimensions. Feel free to mix them up. Stacking solid-sided and vented containers together is never a problem.

Strong & Sturdy

The solid box pallets have a sturdy, leak-proof construction that keeps the contents protected. Choose the vented version if you need to keep products fresh by allowing air to circulate around the contents. They’re suitable for use in cold stores and similar environments.

Sustainability boxed off

Reusing containers is a step towards being a more environmentally friendly business. With second-hand plastic crates for sale from Palletower, you can make a positive contribution to meeting your company’s vital sustainability targets—and welcome cost savings too.

Once used pallet box specifications

  • Material: HDPE
  • Food grade? Yes
  • Overall height: 790mm
  • Internal height: 610mm
  • Skids: 2
  • Capacity: 660 litres
  • Side/base options: solid or vented
  • Stackable? Yes
  • Base size: 1000mm x 1200mm
  • Drop on plastic lid: optional
  • Colours: Blue (B264P/SD7), Green (UB264P/SD8), Grey (UB264P/SD)

Key Features

  • Used once only—to transport citrus fruits
  • Lightweight and robust, made from virgin HDPE (high-density polyethylene)
  • Easy to clean
  • Stackable to save floor space
  • Pallet-style base with skids for easy movement by forklift
  • Suitable for storing and moving a wide range of goods including foods
  • Suitable for a wide range of environments, including warehouses, factories, waste handling and retail premises
  • Vented sides and base option allows air to circulate and liquids to drain away, keeping contents in good condition
  • Solid sided option provides added protection for bulky, heavy and fragile items contents
  • Optional drop on lid for added protection

What other types of plastic pallet boxes are available?

Bespoke plastic pallet boxes

At Palletower, we always welcome enquiries and orders for bespoke products, including plastic box pallets. Whether you require a specific size, design or colour, we’re ready to manufacture and deliver the quantity you need.

Why choose Palletower?

Selling used pallets at prices UK buyers love is just one example of our world-leading expertise. We offer a vast range of storage, handling, and distribution solutions in steel and plastic, from roll pallets to trolleys, cages, stillages and boxes. Our products are chosen globally for use in retail premises, warehouses, logistics hubs, and factories.

Availability is never a problem with Palletower. With over 100 product lines in total, we’re the UK’s leader and Europe’s most diverse stockist. Over 250,000 items are always in stock, ready for immediate despatch.

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