Product Description:

Palletower’s Once Used Vented Plastic Pallet Boxes offer top quality at an affordable price. With fully ventilated sides, a robust HDPE manufacture, and a weight capacity of 610L, our ventilated boxes are perfect for large-scale food production and processing, including storing and transporting fresh produce. The hardwearing plastic boxes keep goods secure, while vents ensure constant drainage and airflow to maintain food freshness.

Technical Specifications:

Base Size :
1000 x 1200mm
Overall Height :
Internal Height :
Side Options :
Slotted Vented Sides
Capacity L :
Optional drop on plastic lid
Grey (UB264P/3), Blue (UB264P/3), Green (UB264P/17)
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SKU: UB264P/3

Once used vented plastic box pallet

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Optional drop on plastic lid
Blue (UB264P/3)
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Why choose used vented plastic box pallets?

Once-used doesn’t mean poor quality. Palletower’s Once Used Vented Plastic Box Pallets guarantee excellent condition and value, having only been used once for transporting citrus fruit. Our ventilated boxes are ideal for holding and manoeuvring stock in warehouses, such as fresh goods or food cardboard waste. They’re also widely used in fruit and vegetable supply, helping maintain freshness and minimise produce loss due to poor airflow or storage. 

Choose from a range of colours, including grey, green, and blue, with an optional drop on plastic lid for additional produce security. Our vented plastic boxes are also stackable, allowing you to save space on your warehouse floor. Plus, they’re weatherproof and easy to clean, providing a long lifespan with easy maintenance.  

  • Once used, only for transporting citrus fruit

  • Low environmental impact

  • Easy to clean and weather resistant

  • Robust HDPE manufacture

  • Vented sides to facilitate air flow and drainage

  • 2 or 3 skids for easy handling 

  • Multiple colour options

  • 610L storage capacity, allowing transportation of heavy goods 

  • Optional removable plastic lid for additional security

  • Fully recyclable at the end of their working life

Where are vented pallets mainly used?

Ventilated boxes can be used in many industries to store goods securely and efficiently. They’re perfect for businesses involved in food production and processing, as well as storing or transporting fresh produce. Once Used Vented Pallet Boxes are also well suited to seasonal trade businesses that need a low-cost, high-quality storage solution for a limited time. 

Palletower’s versatile and robust vented pallet containers can be used in the following industries: 

  • Manufacturing

  • Food processing and production 

  • Agriculture for the storage of fresh produce 

  • Recycling waste paper, cardboard, and plastic  

  • Wine and cider making, including the harvest of grapes and apples

Why choose Palletower?

We’re passionate about sustainability at Palletower. Each of our Once Used Vented Plastic Box Pallets come with a sustainability promise, offering a cost-effective and high-quality storage solution. They’re fully recyclable at the end of their working life, minimising environmental impact. 

Whether for businesses offering seasonal fresh produce, transporting and storing food goods, or managing food waste and recycling, our vented plastic box pallets are used in a wide range of industries worldwide. Browse our versatile, durable range of plastic box pallets to find the right solution for you. Looking for more solutions? Explore the full range of Palletower products that are available for immediate dispatch. 


We responsibly recycle your plastic pallets or boxes

Having a sustainable supply chain is integral to our values. So, once Palletower's highly durable boxes or pallets reach the end of their working life, we'll work with you to ensure they are responsibly recycled. This means teaming up with our plastic moulding partners to offer a simple, cost-effective collection and recycling service for your plastics.

Bought items elsewhere? No problem—we'll help you recycle those, too. We'll also give you credits for new purchases and advise you on how to put your plastic to best use. Plus, we'll help you make money from your old plastic to ensure it doesn't go to waste. That's the Palletower way.