Product Description:

Thermo Covers are used to keep fresh, chilled and frozen foods at the right temperature during the transport. Thermo Covers are alternatives to bulky, heavy and expensive cooling boxes, and enable transporting goods, regardless of the ambient temperatures. Thermo Covers are the perfect solution for utilizing the truck occupancy by mixing frozen and chilled goods together, while maintaining the right temperatures for both during the transport.

Technical Specifications:

Reusable packaging:
All packaging is reusable for sustainability and cost effectiveness
Effective Transport:
Various temperature-controlled goods allowed on the same truck
Flexible Solution:
Flexible and effective solution compared to heavy thermo boxes
Cost Savings:
Cost savings on return logistics compared to rigid thermo boxes
Placement Ease:
Easy and quick to place ON and OFF the roll container
Efficient Maintenance:
Simple maintenance and efficient storage

Roll Pallet Thermo Covers

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