SKU: CP11582

Collapsible Cage Pallet

Pallet cages are designed for protecting easily-damaged goods during storage and transportation. They are primarily used for storing heavy duty and bulky items, including finished products, components, offcuts and waste materials. They are also ideal for small, loose, and irregularly shaped objects that could easily slide off a flat pallet. With having half gates to both long dimension, it makes this pallet cage is ideal for picking stock as the contents can be accessed from either side even when stacked. The collapsible design is what makes this product perfect for return logistics. On the return journey it means that space and cost efficiency can be maximised by stacking empty folded down boxes, getting 7 per pallet space instead of two when built up.

  • Specification

  • Base Size

    1150 x 830mm
  • Overall Height

  • Internal Height

  • Finish

    Powder Coated Paint Finish
  • Side Options

    4 Sided
  • Unit Weight

  • Stackability

  • Mesh Size

    50 x 50mm
  • Colour

  • Style

    Collapsible, Half Drop Gate with Sheet Steel Base
  • Collapsed Height



Key features

  • Size: L 820 x W 1150 x H 830 mm

  • Internal dimensions: L 730 x W 1070 x H 645mm

  • Half gate to both long dimensions for easy access

  • 4 way forklift access

  • Cupped feet for easy stacking

  • Bright zinc plate finish to the sides

  • Powder paint finish to the base and support bars.

Industry usage

Suitable for a multitude of applications, such as storing industrial equipment, holding waste material and offcuts, and even storing finished products. Half gate options allow ease of access to the unit making it easier when removing or placing items into the box/cage pallet.

  • Engineering

  • Automotive
  • Warehousing

  • Logistics