Collapsible Box & Cage Pallets

Palletower have the largest stocks of New and Used Metal Cage Pallets and stillages in the UK, and a diverse range of styles suitable for use within a multitude of industries including but not exclusive to engineering, construction, automotive, warehousing, logistics, agriculture and recycling.

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Across the range, models consist of rigid sided steel mesh cage stillages with half drop gate entry to space saving fully collapsible folding and demountable cage pallets. Available in both standard and heavy-duty cage designs, they are used to transport and for storage of various products and materials whilst offering additional strength and protection to goods. Used across a multitude of industries, they are most commonly used for storing and warehousing of a wide range of products and materials. Particularly useful for retaining bulky, often heavy awkward shaped loose products that are generally unstable.

Manufactured from quality steels, many cages and Gitterboxes are built with either solid or planked bases from either steel or timber. The mesh infill sides allow for easy product identification whilst access to contents is via a gate access. Most cage pallet models have raised platform bases by way of four feet on each corner and therefore easy to manoeuvre with either a forklift or pallet truck. The vast majority of cage pallet stillages are fully stackable up to six units high depending on the individual style and loading capacities, therefore maximising both vehicle and floor space.

Palletower’s collapsible cage pallets will fold flat and stack together when not in use. Not only does this save space when stowed, but also reduces the amount of vehicle space required and therefore a reduction in transport costs for return journeys. If you’re are looking for an opportunity to save money, Palletower’s used cage pallet stillages offer a cost-efficient alternative to new.

Styles available are updated on a regular basis providing an array of choice, we are confident to have a style of cage pallet that will meet your requirements. Other used cages include stacking and non-stackable retentions units. Available in fully collapsible folding and demountable cage styles they convert traditional wooden or plastic pallet into an efficient storage cage for the protection of storage of palletised goods.

All stocks available for immediate despatch.