Collapsible Box & Cage Pallets

Are you looking for an efficient, space-saving solution for storing and distributing your goods? Our collapsible cage pallets offer a secure and space efficient storage option for products both in transit and at warehouses.

Suitable for use within a multitude of industries including but not exclusive to engineering, construction, automotive, warehousing, logistics, agriculture and recycling.



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Maximise storage space when not in use

Space is often at a premium in industrial settings. That’s why we’ve designed our collapsible cage pallets to fold flat and stack together when not in use. Not only does this help keep things organised on-site, but it also cuts the load volume required in transit, saving you time and money on return journeys.

Which industries use our products?

Our collapsible cage pallets are ideal for any industry where loose, bulky objects need stowing and moving. Therefore, our folding stillages safely and securely store stock whether you’re operating in factories, distribution centres or building yards. The mesh infill sides provide excellent protection for your packages and produce, while the cages quickly load into vans and trucks. That’s why you’ll see these products in use across engineering, construction, automotive, warehousing, logistics, agriculture, and recycling industries.

Why choose Palletower?

At Palletower, we recognise that your storage and product handling needs can be numerous, complex and varied. In the UK, we have a highly experienced design team ready to solve complex stillage requirements and manufacture in small to medium volumes. For larger volumes we have vast capacity within our Chinese factories and can respond quickly, delivering large, high-quality projects to demanding deadlines.

All stocks available for immediate despatch.

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Our collapsible steel cage pallets for transport and storage

We’ve got the most extensive supply of new and used pallet cages in the UK, many of which comprise several unique features, including:

  • Top-quality steel with both standard and heavy-duty designs.

  • Robust construction keeping heavy, bulky items secure.

  • Fully collapsible, folding steel cages that stow away when not in use (ideal for return logistics).

  • Mesh sides that allow for instant product identification and inspection.

  • Half drop gates offering entry points for easy access.

  • Raised platform bases to enable manoeuvring with a forklift or pallet truck.

  • Stackable up to six-unit high, saving space in both storage and transit.