SKU: CP916161HG

Cage Pallet with Half Gate

The CP916161HG is a heavy-duty cage pallet with a blue epoxy powder paint finish. Manufactured with 50x50mm mesh infill to all four sides and equipped with a half drop down gate to one side. Ideal for storing a variety of products safely with the added benefit of being able to see the contents inside. The half drop gate also allows for easy access to the products inside even when stacked. This box pallet is fitted with cupped feet to all four legs to allow for easy and safe stacking of the boxes up to four high which helps utilise key floor and storage space.

  • Specification

  • Size

    915 x 610 x 610mm
  • Internal Height

  • Weight Capacity

  • Sides

    50x50mm mesh infilled sides
  • Feet

    Cup feet for ease when stacking
  • Stacking

    Stackable up to four high
  • Other

    Half drop gate for easy access


Key features

  • Size: 915 x 610 x 610mm o/h. 445mm i/h

  • 1000KG weight capacity

  • Stackable up to four high

  • Cup feet for ease when stacking

  • Half gate options

  • Heavy duty construction

  • Inter-stackable

  • Tough epoxy powder paint finish makes them distinctive and visible in any surroundings.

Industry usage

Suitable for a multitude of applications, such as storing industrial equipment, holding waste material and offcuts, and even storing finished products. Half gate options allow ease of access to the unit making it easier when removing or placing items into the box/cage pallet.

  • Engineering

  • Automotive

  • Warehousing

  • Logistics