Rigid Box & Steel Cage Pallets

Browse Palletower’s extensive range of new and used rigid steel pallet boxes. Strong and robust, they’re a storage solution that’s perfect for securing heavy, bulky, awkwardly-shaped, and otherwise unstable products. Rigid cage pallets and metal stillages with solid sides are suitable for a variety of environments, such as engineering and automotive industries, or anywhere else strength and added protection of contents is required. Also, they are fully stackable and will help you maximise your use of floor space.


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Manufactured rigid pallets in the UK

Whether you store goods and parts in a factory, sort packages at a distribution centre, or transport your product between sites – there’s all kinds of ways to use cage pallets. They are an effective way of keeping your goods organised, with impressive load capacities and convenience of access making them the storage system of choice across several key industries.

If you’re in need of solid stillages and steel pallets for your business, you’ve come to the right place. We’re the UK’s leading manufacturer of products like these, with a vast stock of storage supplies for your consideration.

What problems do our products solve?

  • Damage to products – no more worrying about crushes, falls, and damages to your stored goods. Made from heavy-duty steel and with mesh or sheet sidewalls, all our rigid cage pallets offer excellent protection to stowed items.

  • Lack of space in your warehouse or distribution centre – with cupped feet for stability and a sturdy, reinforced design, our solid stillages and steel pallets can be stacked up to four high saving you space in your warehouse and storage facility.

  • Difficulty reaching stored items – products in our mesh and sheet steel box pallets range feature access points such as half drop gates. This makes retrieving individual items easy.

  • Awkward, inconsistently-sized products – with weight capacities of up to 1,000kg and accommodating load volumes, each of our rigid cage pallets can securely carry almost any combination of items.

Why choose Palletower?

Palletower is a global leader in the manufacturing of pallets and stillages. We Are unrivalled among suppliers of handling and distribution equipment across the UK for price and quality. With a keen focus on quality and performance, our stock of more than 250,000 items means we’ve a storage solution to suit every business.

Speak to our sales team to make your order

Whatever the size of your organisation or sector that you operate in, we are always happy to hear from you at Palletower. Once we understand your storage and distribution challenges, we will work with you to find the ideal solution, including any rigid steel pallet boxes you might need. Our manufacturing capacity means we can even find you a bespoke storage system if needed, or you might prefer the flexibility offered by our rental options.

For more information please visit our Contact Us page or call 0161 905 2233 where we can answer any questions or queries.