• SKU: 20.MT8.1

Multi-use, display and merchandise picking trolley

If you need a multi-use picking trolley to store and move merchandise, look no further than our 20.MT8 range. Designed with “C” shaped shelves, the 20.MT8 picking trolley safely stores inventory and protects against stock from falling off or becoming unbalanced.

Each shelf supports 60KG weight (500KG in total), transporting and holding 375 x 565mm crates with ease. That’s plenty of internal space to ensure your merchandise remains closely guarded. There are also four swivel castors, including braked non-marking rubber, for smoother toing and froing. To top it off, a bright zinc plate coating gives the 20.MT8 range a durable and premium finish.

Built with a comfortable, horizontal handlebar, the C shelf picker is perfect for businesses that are constantly manoeuvring merchandise around a warehouse or shop floor. They’re also well-suited to narrow or small storerooms, as their swivel castors quietly move in every direction. Purchase the 20.MT8, and you’ll have a multi-use picking trolley that holds four crates at any one time.

The 20.MT8 unit comes fitted with:

  • 3 x C shelves.
  • The ability to also us a U shelf as well (these are interchangeable).
  • A horizontal hinged handlebar to one short dimension to allow easy manoeuvrability even when fully loaded.
  • 2 x swivel and 2 x swivel braked rubber non-marking castors: rubber castors reduce noise while operating, making them ideal for commercial use. They’re also far more comfortable for an operator to push around.
  • Heavy-duty rod base with a 500kg capacity.
  • Top bar to keep the unit rigid and reduce noise from vibrations.
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