• SKU: 22.LP1

Four sided laundry roll pallet

The Palletower four sided laundry roll pallet (22.LP1) is designed for handling linen and other materials. With this in mind the base of the unit is plastic so it can be wiped clean and fitted with countersunk rivets to prevent any snagging of materials.

Noise reducing features such as plastic hinges on the gates along with rubber non marking castors are used to reduce noise so they can be operated in commercial, urban and service areas without disturbing people in the vicinity. Thus making them ideal for hospitals, hotels and care homes.

Three integral foldable shelves and a hanging rail across the middle of the laundry roll pallet come as standard. The shelves allow for segregation of different items whilst being stored or transported. For ease of access to the unit, wardrobe doors allow access to one long dimension of the roll pallet allow access to multiple compartments.

All four corner of the roll pallet are fitted with rubber bumpers to prevent any damage and noise created from bumping the cage into walls, whether that be  in narrow stock room, hotel hall ways or hospital wards.

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