Laundry Roll Pallets

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Safely and hygienically transporting laundry from place to place is essential to the smooth running of many large institutions, including hospitals and clinics, hotels, hostels, care homes and halls of residence.

At Palletower we offer a range of laundry roll pallets and laundry cages thoughtfully designed for this highly specialised role. Each product is built robustly to survive constant use in challenging conditions.

What are laundry roll pallets?

These pallets and cages are specifically designed to move bedding, towels, clothing, and other textiles around large buildings — both before and after they have been laundered.

Each model is fitted with castors for ease of movement along corridors and manoeuvrability around corners, into elevators and through awkward or confined spaces. They include several features designed to protect delicate fabrics and promote hygiene while minimising noise and disruption.

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Which types of laundry trolley are available?

Four-sided laundry roll pallet

Designed for handling large quantities of linen, the Palletower four-sided laundry roll pallet (22.LP1) features:

  • Steel construction with bright zinc plate finish
  • Wipe-clean plastic base, fitted with countersunk rivets to prevent fabric snagging
  • Gates with low-noise plastic hinges
  • Rubber non-marking castors to reduce noise when the pallet is in motion
  • Three integral foldable shelves and a central hanging rail fitted as standard, allowing for segregation of different items during storage and transportation
  • Wardrobe-style doors for easy access to each compartment
  • Rubber bumpers at all four corners to prevent damage and noise when bumping into walls or obstacles

Plastic Laundry Roll Cage

With a generous 1032-litre capacity, this plastic laundry cage is specially designed to protect delicate fabrics and linens.

  • Moulded from hygienic, easy-to-clean virgin MDPE
  • Choose from a range of colours
  • Range of castor options
  • Logos can be moulded into the plastic body or screenprinted to the PVC cover
  • Towing systems available

Plastic Linen Roll Cage

This large plastic linen roll cage is popular in the laundry industry and wherever hygiene is a high priority.

  • 900-litre capacity
  • Moulded in robust, low-maintenance virgin MDPE for simplicity and ease of cleaning
  • Will not rust
  • The three-quarter size open front offers easy access to contents and is covered by a PVC flap secured by plastic toggles
  • PVC flap incorporates document wallet
  • Fitted with handles for ease of movement
  • Document wallet in PVC flap
  • Available in a range of colours
  • Choice of castor options
  • Personalisation available with company logos moulded into the plastic body or screen printed onto the covers


The benefits of Palletower laundry roll pallets and cages

All three products in the Palletower range of laundry pallets and cages are designed to carry large quantities of textiles, both dirty and freshly laundered, safely, and hygienically while protecting the contents from damage.

Trolleys and cages are fitted with castors that maximise manoeuvrability and minimise noise to avoid disrupting guests, residents, patients, and staff working nearby.

They are suitable for laundry storage and transportation in a wide range of environments, including care homes, hospitals, clinics, hotels, hostels, and halls of residences.


Why choose Palletower?

Palletower laundry roll pallets and cages are used throughout the world in residential, medical and hospitality settings.

We have over 250,000 items in stock at any given time, ready for immediate despatch throughout the UK and Europe.

Our laundry pallets and cages are just one aspect of our world-leading expertise. We offer an extensive range of storage, handling and distribution solutions in steel and plastic, from pallets to cages, stillages and boxes. Over 100 product lines in all, making us the UK leader and Europe’s most diverse stockist.

Do you need laundry trolleys immediately, or are you looking for a bespoke solution? Contact the Palletower team at any time.