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Vented sides allow air to circulate around your box pallet. That means all your produce is kept in pristine condition when you store and shift it. Plus, they’re stackable up to five units high, which helps create more room in crowded workspaces like warehouses. A light build and skids to the side make carrying the pallets effortless, while a load capacity of up to 610 litres provides plenty of room for small and medium-sized goods. And to top it off, Palletower’s Rigid Plastic Box Pallets are weather-resistant and easy to clean, inside and out.

Technical Specifications:

Base Size:
1000 x 1200mm
Overall Height:
Internal Height:
Unit Weight:
Side Options:
Capacity L:
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Rigid Plastic Box Pallet with vented sides

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Choose Palletower’s UK-made plastic pallet boxes. 3kg lighter, more sustainability, same high-strength durability.


Why you should pick rigid plastic box pallets

Need storage solutions for fresh food? You’re in the right place. Unlike our other Rigid Plastic Box Pallet, this version features vented sides to provide airflow around your stored items. This helps keep your produce fresh during storage and transportation.

They’re also durable and robust, thanks to their unique HPDE (high-density polyethene) build. This makes them ideal for lifting, protecting and shifting easily damaged goods. HPDE is light too, so you’ll have no problems moving the pallets around yourself or with a forklift.

These pallets are perfect for storing small and medium-sized produce, as vented sides promote air circulation throughout the 610-litre storage capacity. Planning to move your Rigid Plastic Box Pallet over long distances? You’ll love the weather-resistant exteriors that keep stock dry. We’ll even recycle or repurpose your pallet at the end of its life cycle.

The Palletower Rigid Plastic Box Pallet is in stock and available for immediate despatch. You can buy or lease this product.

How do vents make a difference to rigid plastic box pallets?

For one, vents enable better airflow around the pallet. This helps preserve perishable goods for longer and extends the shelf life of fresh produce. Whether you’re storing citrus fruits or delicate dairy products, our pallets ensure freshness from the warehouse to their destination. Ventilation enables free drainage of wet or damp product. Ideal to ensure waste plastic, cardboard and paper drain freely before collection or storage.

Why choose Palletower?

  • Respected around the world: Big name brands across the globe trust Palletower. It’s because we deliver superior plastic products at competitive prices, keeping operations running smoothly and efficiently.

  • Items for every job: Looking for plastic storage solutions? Look no further than Palletower. Our extensive range includes plastic boxes in various sizes and builds, ensuring you find the perfect container for any task at hand.

  • Immediate despatch: Need your plastic boxes urgently? No problem. Every product is ready for immediate despatch, so you get the solutions you need exactly when you need them.

  • Superb construction: Palletower’s plastic boxes are built from robust HDPE plastic that’s designed to stand the test of time and securely protect your goods.

  • Responsibly recycled: Sustainability is at the core of our values. So when Palletower’s plastic boxes or pallets reach the end of their lifecycle, we’ll work with you to ensure they’re ethically recycled.

Superior UK manufacturing

Our rigid and collapsible plastic pallet boxes are made in the UK to help reduce carbon emissions. Thanks to our superior design and technology, every plastic pallet is 3kg lighter, which means less product, but the same high-quality sturdiness you expect. Our advanced redesign means we can now save 2,569.7 KgCO2e per 104 boxes produced. Local production also results in faster deliveries, with more extensive stock and less lead times on orders. 


We responsibly recycle your plastic pallets or boxes

Having a sustainable supply chain is integral to our values. So, once Palletower's highly durable boxes or pallets reach the end of their working life, we'll work with you to ensure they are responsibly recycled. This means teaming up with our plastic moulding partners to offer a simple, cost-effective collection and recycling service for your plastics.

Bought items elsewhere? No problem—we'll help you recycle those, too. We'll also give you credits for new purchases and advise you on how to put your plastic to best use. Plus, we'll help you make money from your old plastic to ensure it doesn't go to waste. That's the Palletower way.