Plastic Pallet Boxes

Equally popularly known as plastic pallet boxes and plastic pallet containers, Palletower's range of new plastic box pallets are the perfect storage solution for big, bulky items in a wide range of environments. Wherever cleanliness and hygiene are priorities in fact.

Our pallet boxes have vented sides, allowing for better air circulation. They also allow for drainage.

Palletower's vented plastic boxes are full stackable and have an optional drop-on lid as an extra.


More Information

A wide and varied range

Offering a range of colours and features, the Palletower range of new vented plastic box pallets includes:

  • Rigid plastic box pallet with vented sides

  • Solid plastic box pallet

  • Economy plastic box pallet with 2 skids

  • Economy plastic pallet box with vented sides

  • Green plastic pallet box with vented side and base

  • Green plastic box pallet with solid sides

  • Solid plastic box pallet with 3 skids

  • Industrial box pallets x 2

  • Drop on plastic lid