Product Description:

Palletower’s stackable 2 way access Stackable Retention Unit is ideal for transporting multiple quantities of large goods safely, whether in automotive, retail, supply chain, or warehousing industries. The removable gates on both long dimensions provide easy 2-way access, with the internal storage height of 1025mm allowing you to stack merchandise this unit can also be stacked up to 4 high when in use to optimise floor space. For added versatility, the Stackable Retention Unit converts a standard pallet into a stackable pallet cage within seconds and can be easily demounted to flat when unused.

Technical Specifications:

Base Size:
1000 x 1200mm
Overall Height:
Internal Height:
Load Capacity kg:
Unit Weight:
4 High
Mesh Size:
220 x 95mm

Industry Usage:

  • Automotive
  • Retail display
  • Supply chain & logistics
  • Warehousing
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Stackable Retention Unit - 2 way access

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2 way Stackable Retention Units Specifications

The 2-way Stackable Retention Unit is designed for retaining loose products on a pallet, transporting them safely without damage or lost goods. With a galvanised finish, 800kg load capacity, and stackable capabilities up to 4 high, the retention unit provides a robust and durable solution for moving high-value and large goods with ease.

  • Base size: 1000 x 1200mm

  • Overall height: 1100mm

  • Internal height: 932mm

  • Load capacity: 800kg

  • Unit weight: 33kg

  • Finish: Galvanised

  • Stackability: 4 high

  • Mesh size: 220 x 95mm

Benefits of 2 way Stackable Retention Units

  • Transportation: Palletower’s 2 way Stackable Retention Unit offers an easy-to-use and space-saving solution for transporting high quantities of goods simultaneously. The 2-way access makes it easy to load and unload objects, while the mesh sides keep products safe from damage during transportation.

  • Storage and warehousing: The 800kg load capacity and high stackability make the 2 way Stackable Retention Unit ideal for storage and warehousing industries. With an internal storage height of 1025mm and stackable 4 high, the pallet retention unit maximises vertical storage of large and heavy products.

  • Retail displays: The versatility of the 2 way Stackable Retention Unit means it can be used in any environment, including retail displays. Large stores and warehouses can optimise the four-sided pallet to create organised product displays, stacking large quantities of merchandise vertically without taking up considerable shop floor space.

Why choose Palletower?

Palletower is Europe’s largest stockist and manufacturer of roll pallets, with over 500,000 items across our warehouses ready for immediate dispatch. Our diverse product range can be used to streamline processes and improve efficiencies in various industries, from retail shop floors to logistics warehouses. We only manufacture our products using the highest-quality materials to ensure they remain robust, durable, and versatile to your environment.