Stackable Retention Units

Traditional wooden and plastic pallets have many advantages, but one serious problem. Loose palletised goods tend to fall or slide off and can also be unprotected and prone to damage.

Our retention units are the smart and cost-effective solution, allowing you to fit one of our specially designed wire mesh cages over a pallet keeping the contents retained and protected. The cage is held securely in place by specially engineered clips. You can also store much more merchandise on each pallet inside one of our retention units.

We carry large stock allowing for immediate despatch. Buy or Rental options available to suit your business needs.


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The ability to stack saves floor space

If space for storing pallets is in short supply, look upwards. Our versatile and stackable pallet retention units have the additional advantage of being able to sit securely on top of each other. They can be stacked up to a height of four units.

This enables users to make the most of the generous vertical space found in many warehouses and industrial units, while occupying a minimum of the premises’ valuable floor space.

A variety of sizes and types

The wide range of choice means that pallet retention units can be used in many kinds of working environments, instantly transforming any standard or euro-sized pallet into a sturdy, high-capacity protective cage for the contents.

The Palletower range of stackable retention units includes:

  • Euro pallet retention unit

  • 100mm half gate access retention unit

  • Four gate access retention unit

  • 1200mm half gate retention unit

  • 1450mm half gate retention unit

  • Two-way access retention unit

  • We also offer a range of non-stackable retention units

Benefits of stackable retention units

  • Built to last – All Palletower stackable retention units are made from high-quality steel mesh with a galvanised finish, making them durable and resistant to rust and corrosion.

  • Fold away when not in use – Palletower’s stackable and non-stackable retention units are fully collapsible or demountable. When folded flat, they take up very little storage space. This makes the units ideal as a seasonal and return logistics solution, allowing you to transport goods safely on pallets, then collapse the units to take up minimal vehicle space for the return journey.

  • Easy access – With a choice of removable or hinged gates, access to the palletised goods is always easy when the retention unit is in place.

Features of stackable retention units

  • Stackable up to 4 units high

  • Can be used with timber and plastic pallets of varying sizes

  • Secured to the pallet by retaining clips

  • Sturdy steel mesh construction

  • Galvanised finish to resist rust

  • Fold away when not needed, ideal for seasonal demands or return logistics

  • Easy access to contents via removable or hinged gates

  • Range of heights and capacities

  • Buy or Rent

  • Available for immediate delivery

Why choose Palletower?

You can choose to buy or rent stackable retention units from Palletower. Availability is immediate and quantity will never be an issue.

We are Europe’s leading manufacturer and supplier of pallet retention units and a wide range of other storage and logistics solutions, including pallets, stillages, boxes and roll cages.

We have extensive stocks across our entire range, all available globally. We can produce bespoke solutions too, so please don’t hesitate to enquire. Contact us at any time to discuss your requirements.