Product Description:

Easy to use foldable roll pallet with open access on both short dimensions. Roll pallet folds easily and neatly to enable a 5:1 nesting ratio. Rod infill to sides to retain product. Ideal for product distribution within a retail environment This item can be purchased direct from our stocks in Finland and the Czech Republic. Available with a range of castor, shelf and strap options.

Technical Specifications:

External dimensions :
1757 x 800 x 680 mm
Internal dimensions:
1544 x 800 x 636 mm
Unit weight:
Safe workload per unit:
Loaded units / 13.6m trailer:
Nested units / 13.6m trailer:

Industry Usage:

  • Automotive
  • Food production and processes
  • Postal
  • Retail
  • Supply chain and logistics

Folding Roll Pallets

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Additional information

Our 2 sided foldable roll pallet is used widely across Europe for distribution within the retail and logistics industries.

Open on both short dimensions the roll pallet is easy to pick from both in the warehouse and instore, ensuring fast and efficient movement of stock from the warehouse to stores.

Its 5:1 nesting ratio ensures that it is vital delivery roll pallet to convenience stores where storage space is limited.

Strong RHS design ensures a safe working load of 400kg, the roll pallet is easily nested to save space for storage and return logistics with upto 285 units loadable onto a single trailer.

Widths of 804mm ensures that 3 roll pallets can be neatly loaded across a trailer to maximise vehicle utilisation.

Options and add-ons

  • Hinged and loose shelves

  • Can be made for different heights

  • Nylon and rubber strap options

  • 125 mm wheel

  • Various wheel materials such as rubber

  • Removable back wall

  • Branded products H&S stickers and nameplates

Industry usage

  • Retail and supply chain logistics


  • Parcel and Postal logistics


  • Food distribution and wholesale


  • Automotive