Mail Roll Pallets

Easy to use 3 sided roll pallet with open access on one short dimensions for ease of picking and loading. 100 x 100mm mesh to sides to retain product. Ideal for handling a mixture of small and bulky items. Solid timber base copes easily with heavy loads. Timber bases can be produced in a range of different colours. This item can be purchased direct from our stocks in Finland. Available with a range of castor, shelf and strap options.

  • Specification

  • Size:

    853 x 664 x 1552 mm o / h
  • Weight

    350 kg
  • Base

    Equipped with a Finnish plywood base, in different colours
  • Wheels

    Equipped with 2 x fixed and 2 x swivel 100 mm PA wheels


Additional information

Our 3 sided mail roll pallet is used widely across Europe for distribution within the parcel and postal industry.

Open on one short dimensions the roll pallet is easy to pick from both in the warehouse and delivery vehicle, ensuring fast and efficient movement of parcels and packages.

Strong RHS design ensures a safe working load of 400kg, the roll pallet is easily loaded into vehicles to reduce vehicle loading tomes.

Its size ensures roll pallets can be neatly loaded across a trailer to maximise vehicle utilisation.

Industry usage

  • Retail and supply chain logistics


  • Parcel and Postal logistics


  • Food distribution and wholesale


  • Automotive