Product Description:

Need a strong, versatile storage and transportation solution? If you deal with large, heavy, or bulky items, including palletised goods, look no further than Palletower's medium to heavy duty post pallet stillages. Like every item in the vast and varied Palletower range, our post pallets are manufactured to the highest standards and at the best price .If your requirement is urgent, contact us today. Stillages are in stock, and ready for immediate despatch. We can deliver the quantity you require from stock whether large or small.

Technical Specifications:

Base Size:
1400 x 1030mm
Overall Height :
Socket Stud – 300mm
Post Lengths:
Four Size Options – 1000mm, 1220mmm, 1500mm, 1800mm
4 High
Unit Weight:
32kg (Base Unit Only)
Load Capacity kg:
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Medium Heavy Duty Post Pallet Stillages

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Post Length:
1000mm Post Length
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Key features

The Palletower range of post pallet stillages consists of four size options: small, medium, large, and standard. Standard matches the size of a traditional wooden pallet.

Base size is 1400 x 1030mm.

The following post length options are available:

  • 1000m – galvanised only.

  • 1220mm – galvanised only.

  • 1500mm – galvanised only.

  • 1800mm – galvanised only.

What is a post pallet stillage?

Palletower’s post pallet stillages are galvanised steel platforms with cupped feet and a post at each corner. They are used for storing or transporting goods, often palletised, around factory floors, warehouses, and similar premises. Our practical, proven stillage design keeps stored goods safe and protects items from damage during movement. It also makes for easy loading and unloading. The post pallet stillages featured here are at the medium to heavy duty end of the range, suitable for larger, bulkier, and weightier products.

Product description

You’re looking at a medium to heavy duty galvanised steel post pallet. A specially engineered double cruciform structure provides firm, unyielding support at the base.

For rugged strength and resilience, each stillage is constructed using 60mm x 40mm rectangular hollow section (RHS) steel, galvanised for long-term resistance to rust and corrosion. They’re made to survive even the most adverse conditions. The posts sit securely in 70mm diameter sockets, ensuring rigidity where it matters most. This is a design made to keep your stored products firmly in place.

With 1400mm x 1030mm base dimensions, our medium heavy duty post pallet stillages are suitable for retaining heavy, bulky, large or awkwardly-shaped items, either loose or on 1200mm x 1000mm pallets.

The stillages are available with four different post lengths so they can adapt easily to your requirements (ranging from 1000mm to 1800mm).

Load strength

Load strength varies across the different pallet sizes, with a maximum weight capacity per stillage of 800kg to 1000kg.

  • Demountable — Palletower post pallet stillages units are removable.

  • Stackable — Our post pallets can be stacked with or without the posts in place, making them doubly space-efficient: when loaded and when empty.

Benefits of medium heavy duty Palletower post pallet stillages

  • Space efficiency is perhaps their biggest benefit. Factories and warehouses often have limited floor space. But look upwards, and there’s typically plenty of capacity above floor level, with high ceilings.

  • Because our pallets have cupped feet and are designed to nestle together, you can stack up to four units high (when in use). That means making the most of under-used air space in your premises, while conserving precious floor space.

  • It also allows you to store different size products on the post pallets without wasting space, helping to maximise storage efficiency.

  • Another strong benefit is removing the posts when the stillage isn’t used. The base units can then simply be stacked while the posts rest on top.

  • This is ideal for simplifying return logistics. The demounted post pallets occupy minimal vehicle space, helping to reduce transportation costs.

Industry usage

Stillages are ideal for storing large, awkward items such as machine components and engine parts. They are also perfect for loading with full pallets of products, making goods easy to move around the premises.

Our medium heavy duty post pallet stillages are particularly popular across the following industries:

  • Engineering

  • Automotive

  • Warehousing

  • Logistics