Roll Pallets

Roll Containers Vs Roll Pallets

27 October, 2020

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What is a Roll Pallet/Roll Container?

Roll Pallets/Roll Containers, by definition are mobile cages, used as a convenient method of moving and transporting a whole variety of goods and products, efficiently and safely within a warehouse environment or between various destinations. They are used widely throughout supply chains within retail, warehousing, storage and logistics industries

In the logistics industry the terms “roll pallet “and “roll container” are used every day but what is the difference between them?

The simple answer is, there is no difference between a roll pallet and roll container and more often than not (despite been named different) they are the same unit. Originally on the US Patent from 1982 the name was “roll pallets” and this still seems to be the most popular term. Although with the nestable nature of the modern day roll pallets, we are seeing the term roll container gaining more momentum, this influenced by full security and four sided version been very popular and seeing units that “contain” and store products in warehousing and shops, not just used for shipping.

Palletower is selling globally to over 25 different countries every year, from which there are noticeable geographical trends to the use of roll pallets Vs roll containers. In Europe the term predominantly used is roll pallets with some exceptions such as Finland and Ireland. Countries further asea from the UK such as Africa and Australia mainly refer to the products as roll containers. Looking at the diverse product range Palletower offers, with over 40 design styles supplied globally, this could present a reason for differing terms. Our products may have very different application and look very different but still fall under the same category of Roll pallets/Roll containers. For example, in the roll pallet product range we have 5 different subcategories:

  • Nestable Roll Pallets – this is a vital component of retail logistics, from DC to store.
  • Jumbo Roll Pallets – popular within parcel distribution networks as have large capacity.
  • Automotive Roll Pallets – designed and built for large products/components, a popular roll cage within car manufactures.
  • Full Security Roll Pallets – designed to protect products in storage or in transport of high value I.E tobacco and alcohol.
  • Full Plastic Moulded Roll Pallets and Plastic Base Roll Containers – popular with laundry, pharmaceutical and food processing industries as are easy to disinfect and wipe clean.