Jumbo Roll Pallets

When handling large and bulky items, roll pallets and cages need to be larger than average. Our jumbo roll pallets and jumbo roll containers are the ideal way to provide that extra product storage, moving and handling capacity, with built-in versatility.

Suitable for transporting large items at once, they help to protect both goods and people, preventing risk of damage. For even larger requirements, we also provide super jumbo roll pallets.

Our jumbo roll pallets and jumbo roll cages are manufactured from high quality steel with a bright zinc plated finish for optimum corrosion resistance and low maintenance.


More Information

Jumbo roll pallet and cage options include:

Each type of jumbo roll pallet has its own features, with particular types more suited to specific industries. For example Palletower heavy duty roll containers are widely chosen by the automotive industry for the movement of large and heavy components.

  • Full security mesh containers

  • Demountable jumbo pallets

  • Nestable jumbo pallets

  • Boltable jumbo pallets

  • Heavy duty designs

  • 4-sided jumbo security roll pallets with lid

  • 4-sided demountable jumbo roll pallets

  • 4-sided boltable automotive roll pallets with lid

  • 3-sided jumbo demountable jumbo roll pallets

  • 3 and 4-sided super jumbo demountable roll pallets for even larger or more numerous items

Global leadership in roll pallets

We are the UK and Europe’s leading manufacturer and distributor or roll pallets and containers of all types. Palletower’s jumbo roll cages and pallets are widely used across the globe for storing and handling big and cumbersome items in the warehousing and logistics industries. Distribution centres and parcel network hubs find their extra capacity and all-round adaptability particularly useful.

Advantages of jumbo roll pallets and containers

Extra storage and carrying capacity, especially for larger and bulkier objects, is the primary benefit of choosing jumbo roll pallets. The nestable and demountable variants in particular have the ability to save space when not in use. By freeing up usable space within the factory, warehouse or storage facility, this can also provide significant costs savings. Many warehousing businesses also use jumbo roll containers for the collection of waste materials ready for recycling.