The UK’s lowest price collapsible plastic box pallet

2 December, 2021

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As the UK’s largest manufacturer and stockist of storage, handling and distribution products, Palletower deliver high quality products for the best prices. There is no better illustration of this than the expansion of our plastic box range to introduce model PB484039/BM, the UK’s lowest price collapsible plastic box pallet.

Stackable up to four high with a half drop gate on the long dimension. The box has a load capacity of 400kg and is widely suited to many applications such as the recycling industry where waste cardboard and paper can be handled safely and efficiently.

The collapsibility of the plastic box makes it ideal for parcel / parts storage and distribution. Smooth, strong plastic sides protect product and the space efficient collapsibility is ideal for return logistics giving improved utilisation of vehicle space during transportation, therefore reducing costs.

The features of the box include :

  • Size: 1000x1200x975mm
  • Fully collapsible to a height of 320mm.
  • Folding ratio of 3.3 boxes to one assembled.
  • Dynamic load capacity: 400KG
  • Volume of 830L.
  • Half gate access to one long side.
  • Two skids on both long dimensions, enable the box to be safely handled by forklifts and allow for the box to be inverted through 360 degrees.
  • Stackable up to 4 high.
  • Heavy duty lids are also available from stock.