Understanding the value of plastic pallets in the supply chain

7 December, 2018

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Traditionally the logistics industry has relied heavily on the use of wooden pallets to move goods through the supply chain, but more and more companies are choosing to use plastic pallets as a more reliable solution for the movement of goods

As the UK’s leading supplier of plastic pallets to the logistics industry the team at Palletower have outlined the top five reasons why companies are now opting for plastic over wood.


As fuel costs continue to rise, the weight of everything needs to be considered closely and plastic pallets offer over 50% reduction in weight compared to a similar wooden pallet. This weight saving directly affects profitability and the cost of logistics.


Plastic pallets offer a much safer solution for logistics movers. Damage can be easily spotted, and the pallet replaced as well as staff are less likely to injure themselves on rogue nails and splinters.


Although slightly more expensive than wooden pallets, plastic pallets are much more durable and have a longer life in the supply chain. In general, a plastic pallet will have over 10 times the lifespan of a wooden pallet.

Clean and Hygienic

As they are made of food grade plastic which can easily be cleaned, and disinfected, plastic roll pallets are ideal for the food industry where wooden pallets cannot be used.

Weather Resistant

Unlike traditional wooden pallets plastic does not warp when left out in the rain. This makes storing them when they are not in use much cheaper and also means they can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications.