Standard Hypacages

Our standard hypacages offer an efficient and cost effective solution to storing and transporting loose, heavy goods. Both durable and lightweight, these sturdy products allow fast-moving businesses to place their stock in space-saving drop gates that stack on top of one another.

Our standard sized hypacages are constructed from robust, rust resistant zinc plated steel mesh — a popular alternative to traditional wooden pallets. The result is increased product protection, and less harm contributed to the planet, as wooden crates rely on logging and have to be replaced regularly.

If you operate in the warehousing, retail, shipping, or manufacturing sector, then browse our standard hypacages range today to find stackable, collapsible products fit for hardy working environments. View our hypacages for sale, lease or rent with immediate delivery in large quantities, or call our team on 0161 905 2233 to discuss your purchasing requirements.


More Information

What standard Hypacages do we supply?

We manufacture our standard hypacages in several sizes and configurations. For instance, the smallest hypacages in our range are 670mm tall and have a half drop gate on one long dimension. If you need a slightly taller pallet, however, our 1000mm high hypacages offer more storage space. All load capacities start from 600kg.

Depending on the model, our standard pallet cages are stackable up to 4 high. Of course, the obvious benefit is that you can save more floor space, but did you know these products also fold completely flat? This means you can quickly store away unused cages, and they’re easy to manoeuvre with a forklift or pallet truck. Hypacages with dividers also allow you to organise your stock more effectively, saving time and labour.

If you want extra protection for your products or are concerned about fragile stock becoming damaged when in transit, we recommended choosing standard hypacages with security lids.

Styles of standard hypacages:

  • Half euro hypacage (800 x 600 x 670)

  • Euro hypacage (800 x 1200 x 1000)

  • Hypacage (1000 x 1200 x 1000)

  • Hypacage divider (up to three dividers)

  • Hypacage security lid (50mm mesh infill)

Which Industries would use a standard Hypacage?

Standard hypacages are typically at home in warehousing, retail and distribution environments. But really, they’re suitable for any industry where space is at a premium, and there’s a need for strong, versatile pallets. What’s more, because we construct wire formed cages with rugged steel mesh and zinc plated finish, they’re just as effective outside.

Suppose your business requires much larger storage solutions than the pallets offered on this page. In that case, we recommend browsing our Jumbo Hypacages — the largest and most robust option within the Palletower range.

What are the benefits of buying Palletower standard Hypacage pallets?

Our steel containers are all constructed to withstand harsh work conditions, rough handling during transit, and general use over time (thanks to electro zinc-plated finishing). The mesh infill sides also afford quick product identification and easy access to contents when the pallets are stacked.

Other advantages of buying Palletower standard hypacages include

  • Half drop gates.

  • Collapsible sides.

  • Robust steel construction.

  • Zinc-plate finish for a longer lifespan.

  • Stackable design.

  • Range of mesh sizes and heights.

  • High load capacities

Why choose Palletower?

We are the UK’s leading manufacturer of hypacages. With thousands of items in stock at any given time, plus vast manufacturing capacity, we can always meet demand with immediate despatch. In addition, our highly experienced design team are on-hand to solve any of your complex stock movement requirements, so get in touch today if you’re unsure which product is the best fit. Alternatively, find pallet cages for sale on this page.