Product Description:

Dimensions:1200 x 800 x 800mm. With solid sides and base. Moulded from HDPE. Optional drop on lids available. stackable up to five high when in use. Capacity 550 litres.

Technical Specifications:

Base Size:
1200 x 800kg
Overall Height:
Internal Height:
Unit Weight :
Load Capacity kg:
5 High
Capacity L:
Lid option:
drop on lids available

Industry Usage:

  • Agriculture
  • Automotive
  • Food production and processes
  • Manufacturing
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Recycling
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550 Litre Industrial Box Pallet

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Industrial Box Pallet 550L

Your workspace runs more efficiently with Palletower’s 550L Industrial Box Pallet. They’re made from robust and recyclable HPDE with solid sides and a base. This makes them ideal for retaining liquids and protecting your products during storage and transportation.  

Weather-resistant and easy to clean, they feature four stacking feet for convenient handling, optional drop-on lids and are stackable up to five high to create more room in crowded areas. As such, they’re perfect for many industries, including automotive, pharmaceuticals, food production, warehousing, hospitality and more.  

Key features

  • Heavy-duty HDPE build to retain liquids and protect products 

  • Weather-resistant and easy to clean 

  • Four stacking feet for ease of access and handling 

  • Fully stackable up to 5 high 

  • 550L storage capacity 

  • Optional removable lid for extra security and protection 

  • Fully recyclable at the end of their long working life 

Industry usage

Palletower’s Industrial Box Pallet 550L is perfect for moving and storing products across a range of industries, including:  

  • Automotive

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Manufacturing

  • Food production and processing

  • Agriculture for the storage of fresh produce

  • Recycling for waste, including paper, card and plastic storage 

When to use our 550L Industrial Box Pallets

  • Warehousing stack our 550L Plastic Box Pallets and create more room in your warehouse. Plus, they enable your products to be protected and efficiently organised  

  • Transporting goods safely transport various items, such as automotive parts, pharmaceuticals, or food products, using our durable and secure plastic box pallets. 

  • Manufacturingstreamline manufacturing processes using plastic box pallets to store, protect and transport materials within production facilities.  

  • Food Industryuse the 550L plastic box pallets in food processing facilities for storing and transporting bulk ingredients, packaging materials, or finished products to ensure compliance with food safety regulations and maintaining product integrity. 

  • Hospitality – enhance efficiency in hotels or event venues by using plastic box pallets for storing linens, towels, or event supplies 


We responsibly recycle your plastic pallets or boxes

Having a sustainable supply chain is integral to our values. So, once Palletower's highly durable boxes or pallets reach the end of their working life, we'll work with you to ensure they are responsibly recycled. This means teaming up with our plastic moulding partners to offer a simple, cost-effective collection and recycling service for your plastics.

Bought items elsewhere? No problem—we'll help you recycle those, too. We'll also give you credits for new purchases and advise you on how to put your plastic to best use. Plus, we'll help you make money from your old plastic to ensure it doesn't go to waste. That's the Palletower way.