Plastic Euro Boxes

Stackable, secure and clean. Our Euro pallets are the ideal solution for a wide range of product storage, logistics and handling problems. Our Plastic Euro Storage Boxes are used across many industries, from automotive, engineering and transport to food and pharmaceuticals. They are also commonly known as Euro Stacking Containers, Euro Crates and Euro Bins. Many different names for one type of amazingly sturdy, practical, and versatile product.


More Information

What are Euro boxes made from?

The boxes are robust because they are precision-moulded in HDPE (high-density polyethylene). This lightweight, durable material is the most suitable type of plastic for withstanding repeated transportation, rough handling, and long-term storage in tough conditions.

Why is it called a Euro box?

“Euro” refers to the fact that they are designed to fit the standard set of Euro pallet sizes: 200 x 150mm, 300 x 200mm, 400 x 300mm, 600 x 400mm (which is the most popular) and 800 x 600mm.

Working to this standard means that all Euro Containers/Boxes/Crates can stack interchangeably. For example, two 400 x 300mm models fit neatly onto a Euro pallet with a base size of 600 x 400mm.

Which Industries use Euro stacking containers?

Palletower Plastic Euro Boxes are a popular choice across a vast range of businesses. Applications including the following:

  • Warehousing — they are stackable and easy to move by forklift, so ideal for moving stock around with minimal effort

  • Bins for raw cut-off material, e.g. for sheet steel presses

  • Pharmaceuticals – the wipe-clean plastic is easily sterilised and perfect for storing hygiene-sensitive products

  • Automotive – for carrying and storing an assortment of components

  • Agricultural – for holding and moving harvested fruit and vegetables

  • Technology – for moving equipment around and storing items such as cables and rolls of wire

  • Laundry bins

Benefits of Palletower Euro boxes

  • Stackable up to five high when in use, making them a space-saving solution — use air space rather than floor space

  • Two different sizes available 550 litre PB1425/Adimensions 1200 x 800 x 800mm and the 285 litre PB14265/B, with dimensions 990 x 630 x 670mm

  • One-piece mould from strong high-density polyethylene (HDPE)

  • Recyclable

  • Watertight

  • Drop-on lids and wheeled options available

  • Wipe clean

  • Plastic is preferable to wood because it can meet ISPMM15 standards without needing to be treated for infestation

  • Solid sides

Why choose Palletower Euro plastic boxes?

Availability is never a problem with Palletower, we have over 250,000 items in stock at any given time, ready for immediate despatch.

Plastic Euro Boxes are just one aspect of our range of storage, handling and distribution solutions in steel and plastic, ranging from roll pallets to cages, stillages and boxes. Over 100 product lines in all, making us the UK leader and Europe’s most diverse stockist.

Need boxes immediately, or looking for a bespoke solution? Contact the Palletower team at any time.