Plastic pallets: Meeting EU Regulations and Becoming More Efficient

22 February, 2021

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Businesses shipping from the UK to the European Union (EU) or within the EU countries have to follow the latest changes to the regulations.

Recent updates to legislation means that wooden packaging including pallets must meet the ISPMM15 standards. This regulation enforces that all wooden packaging and pallets must be treated to eradicate any contaminates in or on the wood.

The wood will then be stamped to confirm this treatment has taken place. Adding this process to timber pallets is likely to slow down the supply chain and increase costs.

The best alternative to wooden pallets are reusable and nestable plastic pallets that do not fall under these strict new rulings as they are more hygienic and reliable and can be made from recycled materials. Making the switch now to plastic pallets cuts out any potential supply chain disruptions with this regulation now taking effect.

Whilst switching to pallets keeps you compliant with the ISPM15 standard it comes with a multitude of benefits such as:

• Lightweight
• Easy to handle
• Nestable (space saving)
• Environmentally friendly and reusable
• Consistent in sizes and strength
• Easy to clean

We offer different designs and sizes of pallets including both standard European and British sized pallets. Stocking over 250,000 items at any given time our product are ready to be dispatched immediately. We even have a selection of Rackable Plastic Pallets that are available in two different colours; Black Rackable Plastic Pallet, and Orange Rackable Plastic Pallet.

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