What is a Post Pallet?

16 March, 2018

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Post Pallets by definition are used as quick and convenient method for the safe storage of loose or palletised products in a stacked formation. Consisting of a metal frame base with four corner sockets with ‘cupped feet design’ in each corner for stability and stacking purposes. Four equal height upright posts slot into the corner sockets extending upwards from the base unit. Demountable Post Pallet have removable posts and are the most common in use. Alternative styles of Post Pallets have fixed prefabricated posts. So often referred to as Post Pallet ‘Stillages’, they are erected and stacked generally four units high, whereby the cupped feet simply locating and engaging with top of the lower posts.


Traditionally manufactured in steel, post pallets are either powder coated paint finished or galvanised and can vary in both size and steel construction. Palletower’s Demountable Towerack range are manufactured in RHS (Rectangular Hollow Steel), their Galvanised Demountable Post Pallets built using a combination of RHS and CHS (Circular Hollow Steel). Base configurations vary between single outer perimeter frame construction, outer frame with brace supports and cruciform supports. Several models are compatible with standard pallet sizes. Consideration should be given to the load-bearing requirements. A range of post lengths vary from 1000mm up to 1800mm. Palletower can provide bespoke manufacturing services to modify, adapt or indeed custom manufacture Post Pallets to meet specific requirements. Palletower also offer the largest fleet of Rental Post Pallets and Toweracks in the UK, available for immediate hire.

When and why are they used?

Post Pallets are often used as an alternative to expensive conventional pallet racking or storage racks within a warehousing style environment. They are fast and convenient to assemble, providing a temporary racking solution at busy times or seasonal peak periods, allowing business to quickly maintain production efficiency. Storage space often comes at a premium and maximising floor space is priority. Products stored on wooden or plastic pallets are often unable to be stacked due to weight or the delicate nature of the product and the risk of damage due to crushing; the inability to stack pallets therefore becomes an issue. Demountable post pallets overcome this problem, allowing palletised goods to be placed on the pre-erected post pallet bases for safe stacking.

Abnormal Loads

Products of abnormal shape, size and length not best suited for conventional racking, also benefit from using Post Pallets. Dependent upon the style and configuration of the base frame, products can be stored and stacked in post pallets without the need of a pallet, particularly useful for retaining and stacking extra-long products such as textiles or carpet rolls.

Storage Benefits

Demountable Post Pallets are incredibly space saving when not in use. By removing the posts, it allows the base units to be easily stacked stowed away with the posts simply resting on top of the bases. Further benefits of this method resulting with improved utilisation of vehicle space during transportation, therefore reducing costs.


Commonly used throughout but not limited to warehousing, distribution centres and storage environments across a wide spectrum of industries. Palletower’s galvanised range of Demountable Post Pallets are perfect for heavy duty use in tough environments, internally and externally, ideal for use in Cold Storage. Other industries include; engineering, construction, agriculture and general manufacturing.