Wheeled Plastic Boxes

Make your business run more efficiently with Palletower’s Wheeled Plastic Boxes. Their nestable designs save you space in busy workspaces like backrooms and warehouses. Sturdy HPDE plastic exteriors can come with heavy-duty rubber castors to make moving products effortless. Whether you work in agriculture, food processing, engineering, retail, or warehousing, browse our wheeled plastic boxes today. 


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What is a Wheeled Plastic Box?

A wheeled plastic box is a practical storage solution for storing and transporting goods. The Palletower Wheeled Plastic Box is perfect for many different industries due to its ample stowing space, nestable design and easy-to-move wheels. But if it’s not quite right for your needs, there are many other types of plastic box pallets available at Palletower: 

  • Plastic Pallet Boxes Palletower plastic pallet boxes are large storage containers constructed from high-density polyethene (HPDE). Sturdy and easy to wipe clean, they’re ideal for storing, protecting and transporting bulky, easily damaged items. Pallet-style bases make moving the boxes by forklift easy, while stackable designs can save you space. Our boxes can also come with vented sides and bases to keep contents fresh.  

  • Plastic Euro Boxes Euro crates and Euro bins – are sturdy and stackable storage containers. Like all our plastic boxes, Euro crates are ideal for protecting, stowing and moving large items, thanks to their heavy load capacities. You’ll find vast numbers in everyday use in many industries, such as automotive, food, pharma, agriculture and technology. 

  • Once Used Plastic Box Pallets Looking to save cost? Try Palletower’s Once Used Plastic Box Pallets. While these boxes are second-hand, we ensure they’re used just once before – so they’re always in excellent condition when they get to you. Because they’re second-hand, they’re cheaper than new boxes and can help your business reduce its carbon footprint. You can buy once-used plastic box pallets on either solid or vented sides and in various colours. 

Wheeled Plastic Boxes used across industries

Wheeled Plastic Boxes are perfect for storing products across various industries, including: 

  • Seasonal Trade Business: If you’re in a business that relies on turning over goods from season to season, you can depend on our Wheeled Plastic Boxes. When items are varied, a spacious main container and a heavy-load capacity allows you to stow items of all shapes and sizes. You can also move items effortlessly in hectic workspaces, like backrooms and warehouses, thanks to heavy-duty rubber wheels.  

  • Storing and Transporting Fresh Foods: Palletower’s Wheeled Plastic Boxes are ready-made for storing and transporting fresh foods. That’s because they’re hygienic and easy to clean. Plus, secure HPDE builds ensure they reach their destination in pristine condition, from farm to market or within large food distribution centres. 

  • Warehouses and Distribution Centres: Wheeled Plastic Boxes can be stacked up to 6 units high to create more space on busy warehouse floors. They keep items secure with lids and robust plastic exteriors. This means they’re great for organising and managing warehouse and distribution inventory. You can also save time transporting goods as they can be quickly wheeled across the floor, instead of lifting or using a forklift.  

Benefits of Wheeled Plastic Boxes

  • Robust: Palletower’s Wheeled Plastic Boxes boast a robust HPDE plastic exterior to retain liquids and protect products during stowing and transportation. 

  • Weight: Our Wheeled Plastic Boxes are lightweight, so they’re easy to handle and move around. This also reduces the risk of injury when transporting heavy goods. 

  • Cleanliness: Non-porous plastic prevents liquid absorption and odours, ensuring goods are stored hygienically. Smooth plastic surfaces are easy to wipe clean. 

  • Safety: Wheeled plastic boxes come with secure lids. This protects your products during transit while reducing the risk of spills or accidents. 

  • Stackability: Our plastic boxes stack securely. This saves space and improves safety by preventing collapses or tip-overs, especially in warehouse and storage settings. 

  • Capacity: Available in various sizes, Wheeled Plastic Boxes cater to different storage needs, whether you need to stow easily damaged bulky goods or fresh produce.

Why choose Palletower?

  • Worldwide recognition: Huge brands around the world choose Palletower. It’s because we supply first-rate plastic products at competitive prices, to help keep businesses running efficiently.  

  • Comprehensive stock: Find the plastic storage solutions you need at Palletower. Our range features plastic boxes in various sizes and builds, so you get the container you need for the job at hand.  

  • Immediate despatch: Every plastic box product is available for immediate despatch, so you get the solutions you need when needed. 

  • Quality construction: Palletower’s plastic boxes boast a robust HPDE plastic construction that are designed to stand the test of time and securely protect your goods. 

  • Responsibly recycled: Sustainability is integral to our values. So, once Palletower’s plastic boxes or pallets reach the end of their working life, we’ll work with you to ensure they’re responsibly recycled.